Sunday, December 16, 2007

Survivor China: Finale Spoilers

In this finale there are not going to be many surprises. Denise will get the boot at the final 3. It looks like Courtney may win the final immunity challenge but she won't have much luck getting votes at tribal council. Supposedly one person votes for Courtney and there is a tie, 3 votes for Todd and Amanda each. This would force the person who voted for Courtney to break the tie. This is probably going to be one of the closest final pairings in that each is deserving but Todd should be the winner.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Survivor China: Episode 12 Spoilers

Back to the same old same old on Survivor. The reward challenge is a tile breaking archery contest and it looks like Todd wins this one. He'll have to choose one person to go with him on the reward and he takes Courtney, leaving Amanda back at camp upset. PG sees this as an opportunity but its just all CBS wishful thinking. The immunity challenge is a recycle of all the previous challenges including star throwing, conga drum bouncy and gross food. It seems that Amanda or Courtney win this one but it doesn't matter because PG finally get the boot.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Survivor China: Episode 11 Spoilers

After James' unexpected departure last week things get more predictable this week.

First for the reward challenge, its a game of marco polo and Todd, Denise and Amanda win. Their reward is to spend time with their loved ones. Todd's sister, Denise's hubby and Amanda's sister are the atendees.

For the immunity challenge is another obstacle course with ropes and there seems to be some questions to answer at the end. Speculation is that PG wins immunity.

For the boot, don't let CBS fool you into thinking there will be any flip flopping going on. The gang will vote out Erik.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

RW/RR Gauntlet 3 Updates

No air date yet for the next Real World/Road Rules Challenge but it is expected to come this spring. This season has been in the can for quite sometime as it was filmed last summer. When that happens its pretty difficult to keep the spoilers at bay. Previously I listed the expected cast for this season and now I can tell you some of the results. Please be warned these are pretty heavy spoilers.

First of all, is it expected that 2 cast members leave. Tyrie from RW Denver will leave around the 4th or 5th episode due to differences with the men in his group. Coral will leave more towards the end of the challenge and it will be due to differences with the females in her group. Tyrie will be replaced with MJ for Philadelphia and Coral's departure will be late enough ot not need a replacement.

The Veterans who will remain standing for the final challenge are Adam, Brad, CT, Eric, Evan, Kenny, Diem, Ev, Paula, and Robin. The surviving Rookies are Frank, Nehemiah, Jillian, Johanna, Rachel, and Tori. It is expected that the Rookies pull an upset over the Vets for the final prize.

In other real world news, casting is underway for Real World 21 and Road Rules 16. Both locations and air dates have yet to be determined. Real World 20 will be in Hollywood.

Survivor 16: All Stars 2

Word is that the next season of Survivor will be the second all stars season. It is currently filming in Palau and will begin airing this spring. Supposedly only cast members from seasons 9-15 were asked to be a part of this season.

Some expected castaways for this season include: Eliza and Ami from Vanuatu, Johnathan, Ozzie and Parvati from Cook Islands, Jon from Pearl Islands, Amanda and James from China, Yao-man from Fiji, Cirie from Exile island.

More info will be updates as it becomes available.

Survivor China: Episode 10 Spoilers

Back to the real show as last week was a recrap episode.

First will be revealed what the last matter of business needs to be attended to before the tribe leaves last episode's tribal council. Its not another vote off, as they are on pace to have a final 3 again.

The reward challenge, it looks like James and Amanda get to go on another road trip award. The immunity challenge will involve throwing stars and Erik or possibly Denise wins that one.

This week at tribal council is supposed to be the climax of what the show has been building up to for weeks. PG and Courtney stage a fight in order for James to feel 100% safe in the vote and therefore does not use one of his hidden immunity idols. The plan works and everyone blindsides James, finally voting him out.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Survivor China: Episode 9 Spoilers

Returning fro ma slight hiatus on these spoilers, here are the ones from tonight's episode:

The reward challenge will be the classic pecking order chop competition. It looks like Amanda is going to win and take Todd with her on the overnight boat trip. Speculation is also that Courtney gets invited along to keep her in line with the alliance.

Not much is known about the immunity challenge, but it seems to be another sort of questions based challenge. It is know however that PG wins immunity.

The boot seems likely to be Frosti since PG can't be voted out. Todd wants Frosti and Courtney's romance to end.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Amazing Race 12 Spoilers

As we are ready to kick off another season of The Amazing Race tomorrow I thought I'd include the latest route spoilers. This season the 11 teams will go to Ireland, Netherlands, Burkina Faso, Africa, Italy, Lithuania, Croatia, India, Japan and Taiwan.

Its also looking likely that the sisters Mariana/Julia are the first to get eliminated. And it also looks like Ari/Staella are not far behind.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Survivor China: Epiosde 5 Spoilers

Things switch up on Survivor this week with each tribe getting to kidnap 2 members. Fei Long takes Frosti and Sherea while Zhan Hu take James and Aaron. There is no reward challenge due to the time given to the swap. Right after the swap the immunity challenge begins, which will be an underwater caged event, and Fei Long loses it. They will in turn vote out their new member Sherea.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Survivor China: Epiosde 4 Spoilers

After last week's not so great week of spoilers I'll try to get more correct this week. This episode the reward challenge looks like some jousting event where they try to shatter vases. It looks like the yellow team Fei Long wins this one. The immunity challenge will be held at night, likely right before tribal council. It looks like some sort of attempt to get a fire pit lit and shoot off 3 sets of fireworks. Fei Long looks to win this one as well. And as for the boot, back to the last week's idea of Dave getting eliminated.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Friday Night Lights 2.09 Spoilers

I apologize that these spoilers are few and far between. Its getting more difficult to find spoilers.

Jason is at some restaurant with a date named Isabelle. Then she proceeds to tell Jason that urine turns her on. Jason gets a bit uncomfortable and asks the waitress named Erin to help him out once Isabelle goes to the restroom. Erin refuses at first but then when Jason explains what happened she agrees to hide Jason in the kitchen. Then Erin goes to explain to Isabelle that Jason left and gets a drink dumped on her in the process. Once Isabelle is gone Jason thanks her.

Landry is at the police station ready to give his statement about what happened to the man who tried to hurt Tyra.

Santiago and Coach Taylor are at a football game. Riggins is there too.

Erin gives Jason a ride home from his bad date experience. They are both sharing stories and laughing when Jason suddenly kisses her. This doesn't ruin the mood at all and Jason asks if she wants to continue to hang out and she agrees.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Survivor China: Epiosde 3 Spoilers

I apologize that this is so late this week. Next week's will be posted earlier for sure.

The Reward challenge is a boat race with some sort of chicken style wresting moves thrown in. Fei Long will decline to sue Todd or Courtney for this challenge. Look for Fei Long to win this challenge as well with James being the hero. Fei Long will choose Sherea to kidnap and it looks likely Leslie gets the second clue.

For the immunity challenge it will be a sword fight, or so they think. Actually they end up chopping down some tribal medals. It looks like Fei Long continue their winning ways and Dave gets the boot.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Survivor China: Episode 2 Spoilers

For this episode the survivors get a reward challenge. It looks like some mud wrestling type competition where the teams compete against each other to get a huge colored ball across a goal line. Zahn Hu seems to be be the losing tribe and Jamie gets kidnapped. The immunity challenge is another team type challenge where they try to smash a giant battering ram through a wood wall. Zahn Hu loses this one as well and votes out Ashley.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Survivor China: Episode 1 Spoilers

Now is the time for spoilers for the new season of Survivor premiering tonight. As you all know this location will be in China. Other new twists this season include the removal of exile island but there still will be individual immunity hidden at each camp. The new twist is supposedly the immunity winning tribe gets to kidnap one person form the losing tribe and give them back before tribal council with a note that the person must share with someone. We'll see how it all plays out tonight and have a better idea how it will work. Also look for a final 3 at tribal council again even though this cast only begins with 16. This might mean a smaller jury of 7 instead of 9.

On to the episodic spoilers. This week expect no reward challenge as most of the time is taken up meeting the cast and they will have a Buddhist ceremony as an introduction. The immunity challenge will be a classic Survivor obstacle course with the tribes holding a dragon head. Look for Fei Long to win (the Red Dragon team). Zahn Hu (the Yellow Tiger team) will most likely vote out Steve, the oldest guy on the show.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Amazing Race 12 Spoilers

Not much is known yet about the next installment of the Amazing Race, including the exact premiere date or even month. But we do know a few facts and I'll share those with you. The Amazing Race 12 was filmed between July 8th and August 3rd this summer, plenty of time to have the show ready as a replacement for an inevitable fall failure. The race began in LA and the racers headed off to Ireland for their first task. Not much of the route is known so check back for details coming soon. But we do know that the race visited Malaysia and Croatia before heading to Alaska for one of its final legs with only 3 teams remaining. Supposedly this race is going to be more physical and will contain zero non elimination legs.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Big Brother 8: WEEK 11

So now its down to the final 3 after Jameka was eliminated on Tuesday. That night was am endurance competition with hopping and freezing rain. Dani was first out after she fell on the bunny and broke it. Dick and Zach held on for quite a while until Dick gave up after about 7 hours. Zach now moves on to part 3 of the competition. Wednesday part 2 of the competition was held and Dick won making it Dick and Zach in the finals. Part 3 is typically a question based HOH thats done live. Winners gets to choose who to take to the finals.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Big Brother 8: WEEK 10

As we all know Jessica and Eric were both evicted on Thursday night. Later on that night Zach won HOH and then nominated Dick and Daniele on Friday. Saturday Daniele won the POV and weill certainly take herself off the block. Look for Jameka to be evicted on Tuesday.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Big Brother 8: WEEK 9

On Thursday Zach won HOH and then on Friday nominated Jameka and Jessica. There was no food competition for the second straight week. On Saturday Daniele won the POV and on Monday she chose not to use it. Dick and Daniele have decided to turn on their alliance and will vote out Jessica. They also have told Jameka that without a doubt she will be going on Thursday and then will approach mer right before the live show on Thursday and cut a deal with her to stay. They think Jameka will be so greatful for her safety that she will honor the deal with the biggest lairs in the house. Thursday is also supposed to be a double eviction week and since they have not sped anything up for this week it looks like there might be an entire "week" played out on Thursday with a HOH, Noms, POV and eviction all in one hour.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

2007 NFL Regular Season Wins

With the pre season winding down and the NFL kicking off in a little over a week, here are the lines for regular season wins courtesy of pinnacle sports. As always, my comments follow at the end. Please note Atlanta does not have a line at this time, most likely due to the Michael Vick situation.

BAL 9.5 BUF 6.0
CAR 9.0 CHI 10.0
CIN 9.0 CLE 6.0
DAL 9.5 DEN 9.5
DET 6.5 GB 7.5
HOU 6.5 IND 10.5
JAX 9.0 KC 7.5
MIA 7.5 MIN 7.0
NE 11.5 NO 9.5
NYG 8.0 NYJ 8.0
OAK 5.0 PHI 9.5
PIT 8.5 SD 10.5
SEA 9.0 SF 8.0
STL 7.5 TB 7.0
TEN 7.0 WAS 7.5

My take on these odds: Tough year to pick because I think there might be a lot of shake ups in the league this year. First thought though is take the under on New England, thats going to be money in the bank. The bet would still be a winner even if they got 11 wins, which is still a great season. And with the schedule they have the Patriots could easily be 9-7 and still win the division. There is no way that team is winning 12 games. Other under candidates are Chicago at 10, San Diego at 10.5, Miami at 7.5, and Kansas City at 7.5 wins. The best over of the bunch is looking like Minnesota should be better than 7 wins. Other over candidates are St. Louis at 7.5 or even Oakland at 5 wins.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Big Brother 8: WEEK 8

On Thursday Jen was finally evicted and Jessica won the HOH. On Friday Jessica nominated Zach and Amber with the idea that they'll decide who to get out later in the week. I think they are leaning toward getting Zach out since he is tight with Dick and Daniele. But I think it really depends on who Eric is told to vote out. They played a food competition game that earned the girls a luxury competition where they were allowed to do the clothes grab from previous seasons. On Saturday Eric finally got to play in a veto competition and he won! Nominations will likely stay the same. In other news, Eric and Jessica flirt like there is no tomorrow. They are very close to kissing but who knows if Eric will ever make the first move.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Friday Night Lights 2.04 Spoilers

This episode should air sometime in October.

Lyla is visiting a state boy's juvenile detention center. As she is there Lyla meets a boy names Santiago. Once Lyla leaves she spots Santiago walking along the side of the road. Santiago has just gotten released and Lyla offers him a ride. Later on Lyla pulls up t oa trailer park to drop Santiago off. He explains that his parents got sent back to Mexico and he's going to be living with an uncle and cousin who are bad influences. Lyla offers to help but Santiago doesn't want any charity. Another day later Lyla has Santiago at a job interview at her dad's dealership. The interview isn;t going the best but Buddy can see that Lyla really believes int his guy so he gives him a small job in the parts department.

Landry is in church but feels the overwhelming guilt about what he did. Tyra joins Landry back at his house after church trying to keep an eye on Landry.

Smash is trying to get Matt to skip work so he can go to a party of some sort and get back in the dating game.

Eric is back in town with his family for the moment and finds out that MacGregor was fired and the newspaper speculates that Eric will return to coach the Panthers.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Big Brother 8: WEEK 7

Daniele got HOH after Dustin was evicted. On Friday she nominated Amber and Jameka. Friday was also the food competition where they played a big game of beer pong and half the house got on slop. On Saturday the POV was played with the only non participants being Jen and Eric, the latter being the host. Daniele and Amber won some sort of "outing" outside the Big Brother house. In the end Daniele won the POV. Dick says things worked out perfectly but Daniele feels stupid using the POV to change her own nominations to put Jen on the block. Time will tell if Daniele will have the guts to stick to her strategy.

UPDATE: On Monday Daniele actually took Amber off the block and put up Jen. later that day Daniele and Amber were taken on their mystery outing and were told they'd be gone overnight. Later that evening Jen flipped out and started eating (she's on slop restriction). The producers told Jen that if she didn't get voted out this week she's be given a penalty nomination for next week and couldn't win the veto. I think this also means she can't play for HOH as well. Jameka got very upset because she thinks that she's the one getting evicted this week now since it would make sense for everyone to pretty much have a free week and evict Jen next week. Jen apologizes and says this wasn't her intention, she was just doing it as an F you to the show and Dick.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Real World Hollywood

Its looking more and more likely that the 20th season of the Real World is going to be set in Hollywood, California. I for one think this has to be the most boring place to hold a Real World season, ever.

In other news, 6 Real World and Road Rules alumni have agreed to stage their own version of Celebrity Boxing. The pairings include Tyrie and Kenny, Alton and Evan, and finally Tonya and Beth. I can't wait.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance Final 4

Spoilers have been hard to come by regarding the final 4 on So You Think You Can Dance. However, if I had to piece together the spoilers I have heard about the show I could tell you Lacey and Neil are almost certainly safe, Sabra is most likely safe too meaning that Lauren is out. I've also heard a lot of rumors about Danny and Lauren being the 2 that get cut. Its not even close to confirmed but as each day passes, this is the most likely scenario.

Big Brother 8: WEEK 6

Kail was finally evicted on Thursday and Jessica won HOH. On Friday the food competition caused Dick, Daniele and Dustin to be put on slop. Dick won a slop pass and gave it to Jen. Jessica nominated Dick and Daniele for eviction. On Saturday Dick won the POV and it looks like he is going to take Daniele off the block. Dustin has agreed to go up in Daniele's place as a final F you to Dick but what he doesn't understand is that if Eric gets the instructions from America to vote Dustin off, they will not have the votes to keep Dustin safe. I have no idea why Eric is going along with this plan but it seems it was his instructions to get Dustin nominated. Certainly if Dustin's eviction goes down Eric will soon follow since nobody in the house will be able to trust Eric.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Big Brother 8: WEEK 5

As you all know Nick was evicted on Thursday and then an endurance HOH competition began. After about 2 hours Kail, Jen, Jessica and Daniele were left on their perch. In the end Daniele won HOH. On Friday Daniele nominated Kail and Jen, big surprise. The idea was that Eric could be backdoored and if not Jen could go. On Saturday the POV competition was held with Dustin, Jameka, Zach, Jen, Kail and Daniele participating. It was one of those challenges where you had to agree to things or give up things to get further in the game. Report has it that Jen agreed to give up halfthe prize in order to win the veto. Others had to give up the right to play HOH in following 5 weeks and slop for the entire time they are in the house. A lot of them also agreed to have manure dumped on their heads during the night and wear bunny costumes. In the end Jen won the Veto and used it to take herself off the block and Eric went up in her place.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Big Brother 8: WEEK 4

As you all know Dustin is the HOH this week. On Friday he nominated Kail and Jen for eviction with the idea Kail could go home or Zach if anyone changes the nominations. On Saturday Jameka won the POV in some sort of game show competition where the houseguests could use points won for prizes or the veto. The POV was used on Jen and Dustin nominated Nick in her place. The house has decided to vote out Nick but dick and Daniele are trying to sway things back to Kail. Its unlikely this is going to happen. That is unless Eric gets the message from America to vote out Kail and then he'll probably have to tell everyone to switch it up so that his voitng inconsistencies are not revealed.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Big Brotehr 8: WEEK 3

This week as you know Dick is in power. On Friday he nominated Kail and Jen for eviction. Jen wins the POV and used it. Dick nominated Mike in her place. The idea is that the house will all vote out Mike in surprise as they have all been telling Kail she's out the door this week. Dicks theory is that Kail gets too flustered to do well in competitions and he doesn't see her as a threat anymore.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Real World Update

Real World Sydney is set to premiere on August 8th on MTV. Although Real World 20's location is unknown, the cast of 7 is to be chosen later this week and will begin production soon.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

One Tree Hill 5.01 Spoilers

Nathan and Haley's son James is eating dinner with Skills. James is a very precocious kid and Skills has fun teasing him. They seem to get a long really well.

Lucas has a meeting with his editor Lindsey. They flirt a lot together but Lindsey is concerned that Lucas hasn't written anything in two years and the publisher is getting anxious.

Brooke is meeting with a woman named Lydia who is running Clothes over Bros. Apparently Brooke is a famous designer and her company is going public. Lydia is mean to a guy named Nick as she kicks him out of the limo and tells Brooke that her "friend" can't be a model anymore and to fire that friend.

Carrie is Nathan and Haley's new nanny. Carrie is a very good nanny and keeps Haley on schedule. Once Haley leaves Carries puts the moves on Lucas who is fixing James' bike. Carrie wants Lucas to ask her out on a date but he mentions a girlfriend. However, Lucas keeps up with the flirting but doesn't agree to the date yet.

Lucas is the coach for the Tree Hill basketball team when an arrogant player named Quentin comes in to talk to him. Quentin tells Lucas its his team and he'll do what he wants.

Big Brother 8: WEEK 2

As we learned on Thursday night, Jen is the new HOH this week. On Friday she nominated Dick and Daniele for eviction with the idea that if either of them come off the block that Joe will go up. I'm not sure who Jen is targeting of the two but I get the impression she's be happy with either leaving the house so there might not be a target per se.

The food competition was held on Friday as well. Six people ended up on slop including Amber, Daniele, Jameka, Jessica, Kail, and Joe.

Veto competition was held on Saturday with Dick, Daniele, Jen, Joe, Amber and Mike participating. It looks like some prizes were won as well but Daniele wins veto.

On Monday Daniele took herself off the block with the veto and Jen put up Joe in her place. It seems like Dick is the one who will be voted out this week but I'll double check to confirm.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday Night Lights 2.01 and 2.02 Spoilers

All of these spoilers are for episode 1 and 2. I'm not entirely certain what happens in each episode specifically so I won't attempt to guess.

Coach Taylor has taken the job at TMU as we meet a player named Antwone who plays running back for the college. Coach finds out its his job to take Antwone to a NCAA disciplinary hearing because the player got caught accepting gifts. Antwone give Coach attitude and doesn't much care about his predicament. Coach is concerned that he isn't doing much coaching at the moment.

Tami has already given birth to their baby girl. The baby's name is Gracie and she's a week old. It appears that Tami still lives in Dillon. Tami talks to Coach on the phone about how Julie is still with Matt but is flirting with a new Swedish boy and this upsets her because the ladies at the book club informed her of this and not Julie. Then a man named Glen comes to the house looking for some help from Tami. He makes a crack about the state of the house and Tami explains that she's been taking care of a new baby. It seems like Glen is the person who is taking over for Tami in the counselor's office. Tami also tries to talk to Julie about Matt and doesn't get anywhere.

Later on Glen talks to Trya in the counselor's office and reccomends that she start some after school activites. Tyra isn't too excited about this idea nd is even less thrilled when Glen suggests joining a debutant group.

Later on Antwone picks Coach up in his very expensive SUV. On the way to the hearing Coach wants to talk to Antwone about what he is going to say. Antwone doesn't want to get into it but with some prodding says that he's sorry. Coach isn't convinced and Antwone explains that its because he really isn't all that sorry about it. Suddenly Tami calls Coach and tells him she's on the way to work. Coach doesn't understand why but doesn't have the time to talk about it either. Antwone comments that Coach shouldn't be there with him if he's got a baby to take care of.

Buddy Garrity is still kicked out of his house as he tries to have a conversation with Pam. It seems that Buddy is over for visitation and Pam isn't happy he's early.

Still on the way to the hearing, Coach and Antwone have apparently stopped for lunch. Antwone is still giving Coach a hard time for being away from his family. Coach then really starts getting into it with Antwone about how he has no respect for the game.

Tami sees Jason at the school and he asks to talk to her. Jason wants some advice on a recurring dream he has been having. Later on Jason is talking to a doctor about some type of experimental surgery with high risks of complications in hopes to reverse his paralysis. Jason does not hesitate and agrees to pay the 10 grand for the surgery.

Landry is with Tyra in her truck but something happens and Landry angrily leaves the truck. Landry is also no a part of the football team.

Matt, Riggins and Smash are all at practice and new coach MacGregor isn't too pleased with how its going. The start of the season is in 2 weeks and he feels they are not ready. Macgregor names Smash the sole captain of the offense and tells him to lead the team. Matt has a meeting with MacGregor about a speech he wants to give at the pep rally. MacGregor doesn't seem to care one way or the other.

Later on Matt is at home with the new in home nurse for his Grandma named Carlotta. Things are not going well as Carlotta throws away all the junk food in the house as well as any clutter and insists on getting rid of the TV. Grandma is very upset about all this and wants Carlotta gone. Matt pleads to at least keep the TV because Grandma likes it so much. Carlotta says the TV is part of the problem and then asks where she can sleep. Matt can't believe this woman is going to stay with them permanently. Then Carlotta moves to Matt's room and starts complaining about the shape its in. Matt is very embarrassed and is even more anxious to get rid of Carlotta when she finds a picture that Matt drew of Julie. All this gets even worse when Carlotta finds Matt's porno magazines just as Julie arrives. Matt and Julie have a talk on the front porch and it goes ok but it seems like Julie is there to break up with Matt. Julie can tell there is something going on and can't deliver the bad news.

Finally Coach and Antwone arrive at the hearing. It seems not to be going well and Coach actually argues against suspending Antwone for the sole reason that if Antwone is on the team then he can get some guidance before he makes it to the pro level.

Later on Matt arrives back at home and Carlotta can tell Julie broke up with him. Matt doesn't want to talk about it but Carlotta says they can watch TV.

Landry is at home eating dinner with his parents. Its a pretty uncomfortable scene once Landry's mom brings up Trya. Landry doesn't say much and his mom continues on to talk about a rapist that was found dead in the creek. Landry gets very uneasy about this topic. Later on Landry's dad confronts him about the details of the dead rapist and wants to know if Landry had anything to do with it. Landry can't keep it in anymore and confesses that it was an accident.

Coach MacGregor is getting the football team ready for the intrasquad exhibition game. During practice for this game, MacGregor sends one of his assistants up to Buddy Garrity who is watching in the stands and tell him that nobody is allowed to watch practice. At the same time, MacGregor and Riggins have a bit of a verbal altercation. Jason tries to intervene but Riggins storms off and threatens to quit the team. Jason goes after him on MacGregor's orders. Later on Jason talks with MacGregor about easing off of Riggins and going back to a more Eric Taylor style offense. MacGregor wants to hear none of this and tells Jason to start acting like a coach.

Matt and Landry are hanging out at Matt's house when they get a package delivered from UPS. Matt opens it and finds a very expensive tiara that Grandmas has bought. Matt tells her to return it but Grandma refuses.

MacGregor and Buddy butt heads again when at a booster meeting MacGregors convinces the boosters to hold the annual kickoff party somewhere other than Garrity Motors.

Lyla talks to Riggins about religion.

Tami is at the hospital about Gracie not eating enough. The doctors says that Gracie is going to be fine but she needs to eat more regularly and suggests Tami's husband help out with the feeding. This gets Tami upset and a few minutes later Glen shows up to help. Tami explains she had no idea who else to call. Glen says its fine and he doens't mind. Tami then says she regrets insisting on living away from her husband.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Big Brother: WEEK 1

Actually I stand corrected, nominations have already happened in the Big Brother house and it seesm that Carol and Amber are on the block. The Power of Veto competition has not happened yet but it looks like the house guests are preparing for a POV game of over sized mini golf. There is no consensus on who's out the door yet. Both Amber and Carol seem to be well liked but Carol is a bit of a loner. The general feeling is they'd like to get one of the girls off the block and take out the replacement nominee. But this is all talk until they are forced to make a decision.

Update: Daniele will win the POV and elect not to use it. It appears that carol is out the door this week as Amber has solidified more friends. Things can change quickly so check back for any further updates.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Big Brother 8 Odds to Win

Big Brother 8 has just gotten underway and in a few days we'll know who the nominations are and POV holder is. I'll be back on Monday to update all the happenings but until then here are the opening odds for who is to win Big Brother 8 courtesy of and as always I'll provide my thoughts.

Eric -- 7/1
Jen -- 7/1
Jessica -- 8/1
Daniele -- 17/2
Mike -- 17/2
Carol -- 9/1
Zach -- 9/1
Dustin -- 10/1
Joe -- 10/1
Amber -- 11/1
Nick -- 11/1
Dick -- 12/1
Jameka -- 14/1
Kail -- 15/1

My take on these odds: I'm not so confident that "America's player" is going to go all the way. Eric is bound to make all sorts of erratic decisions and he seems a little on edge as it is. I think Eric will be lucky to make it to the half way point unless he forms a decent alliance. Or CBS might have some stuff up their sleeve to preserve their little "project" for a while. I don't think Danielle will fly under the radar at all so it will be tough for her to win. Conversely I don't think Dick is going to leave as soon as some people perceive. I see a lot of the enemy "couples" actually working together to pull some hi jinks. Obviously Kail won't be first out and she's either going to go super early or maintain a good alliance. The worker bee type usually makes it to the top 6 before they get the axe. I think Jen will be lucky to see August in the house so her odds are extremely optimistic. Jameka may be the underdog if she makes good alliances, she reminds me a little of a Danielle type player. My pick right now for the winner is probably one of those "alpha males". At this point there is little to discern between the 3 of them but my guess is Nick will be the best at playing both side and both males and females. So put my money down on Nick to win at 11-1.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Big Brother 8 Twists

Just a few more days until Big Brother 8 begins and we already know what the twist will be for this season. If you have not heard, the twist is similar to one done in season 5 and 6 where some contestants know each other. This year its people who have an "enemy" in the house. The other twist is that one person will be playing for America, they will be given money if they complete tasks that America votes on. One part of the twist that I can spoil for you is that its one of the enemy pairs has been revealed. Danielle and Dick are daughter and father. No word yet on why they are considered enemies. Check back later on in the week to get updates from the going ons in the house!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Challenges Keep Coming...

In what feels like deja vu every time I write this, I have information about the upcoming Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Contrary to what I've said before, the next challenge will be the Gauntlet 3, not Fresh Meat 2. Filming had been underway for just about 2 weeks now in what is believed to be near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The teams are split up into Veterans and Rookies again. The supposed cast list and teams are as follows. Updates on challenges and possible winners will be posted as I receive the information.


Beth S. [Real World Los Angeles]
Coral [Real World Back To New York]
Robin [Real World San Diego]
Paula [Real World Key West]
Katie [Road Rules The Quest]
Casey [Fresh Meat]
Diem [Fresh Meat]
Ev [Fresh Meat]
Adam [Real World Paris]
CT [Real World Paris]
Brad [Real World San Diego]
Danny [Real World Austin]
John [Real World Key West]
Eric [Fresh Meat]
Evan [Fresh Meat]
Kenny [Fresh Meat]


Johanna [Real World Austin]
Melinda [Real World Austin
Rachel [Real World Austin]
Janelle [Real World Key West]
Brooke [Real World Denver]
Jillian [Road Rules X-Treme]
Angel [Road Rules Viewers' Revenge]
Tori [Road Rules Viewers' Revenge]
Frank [Real World Las Vegas]
Nehemiah [Real World Austin]
Tyler [Real World Key West]
Zach [Real World Key West]
Alex [Real World Denver]
Tyrie [Real World Denver]
Derek [Road Rules Viewers' Revenge]
Ryan [Fresh Meat]

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rescue Me 4.10 Spoilers

This episode should air in August, 2007.

Sean is drinking the night away alone in his apartment. He falls asleeps and the beer spills in his lap. sean eventually wakes up and discovers the mess. Sean's night isn't finished yet as he heads to the liquor store to get more beer. sean is obviously wasted and gets into a disagreement with the clerk over drinking beer in the store and money.

Mike is at a bar and meets a beautiful older woman who offers to buy him a drink. The woman comes on to Mike and then asks if he's be interested in a mother daughter 3-some. Mike quickly agrees. the pair get back to her place and Mike is eager to begin when the woman asks her mother to join the fun.

Tommy meets a guy named Bob that Janet is involved with at her real estate job.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

RW/RR Challenge Update

The nest installment of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge is underway. No confirmation yet if this will be Fresh Meat 2 or not but cast members from Real World Denver, the latest Road Rules Viewers Revenge and Real World Las Vegas have been asked to join. The series should begin filming within a month and will air in the fall. Stay tunes as more updates roll in while filming is underway.

Update on 6/26/07: The next challenge will in fact be the Gauntlet 3. No word yet on if Fresh Meat 2 is still in theworks or not but I'll keep updating.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hell's Kitchen 3 Winner Revealed?

I don't post much about shows I don't watch but this one is too juicy to ignore. Suspicious betting patterns have appeared on forcing them to stop accepting bets for the show. The alleged winner is none other than Rock from Virginia.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Survivor All-Stars 2?

Rumor has it that the next installemnt of Survivor after the 15th season in China will be another All-Stars edition. Supposedly none of the winners will be asked back and they second All-Stars season will comtain only contestants from seasons 9-15. I'm not sure yet how reliable this information is but its defintiely something to keep in mind! I'll update as soon as I hear more.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Real World Sydney is Coming

Word on the street is that Real World season 19 that has been filming in Sydney Australia has wraped production and will be on the air later this summer. This season there are 4 girls and 3 guys. Some of the cast's names are believed to be Kelly Ann, Tricia, Cohutta, Parisa, Shauvon, Dunbar and Issac. Speculation is that one of the cast members will be Austrailian. The gang lived in Darling Harbor and worked for Contiki Tours and Travel. Updates to follow with permiere dates and such.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Big Brother 8

the 8th season of Big Brother will premiere on CBS on July 5th and I can't wait. I hope you all will check this site once this show starts production because once again I will be offering spoiler posts on the big happenings in the house before CBS airs them. So check back here for information on HOH results, nominations, veto competitions and any other big happenings in the house. See you then!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

John Grisham Fans...

Switching the focus to authors for the moment, I have an update for any of you John Grisham fans. John Grisham himself will be featured on Dateline NBC on May 22 talking about his latest non fiction novel Innocent Man. That same book is expected to be made into a movie in the next couple of years. George Clooney has been attached to direct the project. As for whats coming up in print for Grisham, he is expected to release in October of this year a humorous fictional novel about American football in Italy. And after what seems like a very long hiatus, Grisham will release a legal thriller in February of 2008. Sounds like a lot to look forward to!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

One Tree Hill End of Season Spoilers

May 16, 2007
4.18 Nathan will continue to deal with his decision to take Dante's deal as the entire town finds out about it. Chase and Brooke get back together and remain strong the entire rest of the season. Peyton confronts psycho Derek in jail ending her fear once and for all. Dan tries to talk to Abby before Lucas does. There is also more revealed about Lucas' novel.

May 23, 2007
4.19 Mouth will be revealed as the one stalking Dan. Mouth also has everyone sign Jimmy Edwards' yearbook and then they give it to Jimmy's mom. Principal Turner will try to use Nathan's scandal to prevent Haley from being valedictorian but Nathan talks the principal into letting her still have the honors. Nathan will lose his scholarship to Duke and Whitey talks to him about it. Brook confronts Gigi for putting somethings in the yearbook that she would have rather kept private. Lucas will tell Karen the truth about Keith's murder and Dan will be in jail again.

May 30, 2007
4.20: We will see the gang graduate from Tree Hill High but Karen will not be at the graduation. There will be some complication to her pregnancy that she will have to deal with. Haley is the valedictorian but her water will break during her speech. Haley will not deliver the baby until the next episode.

June 6, 2007 (or June 13 as some have reported)
4.21 Haley and Nathan have the baby and will name their baby boy James Lucas Scott. Karen also has her baby this episode and delivers her baby girl by C-section. Both babies are perfectly healthy. During the episode there will be a 3 month flash forward to the end of the summer. There will be a lengthy scene with everyone playing at the rivercourt. Rachel will be back by this time and plays on a team with Mouth. Everyone will sign their name on the court.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 13 & Finale Spoilers

This is going to be another interesting week on Survivor so be sure to catch this one as it is wheeling and dealing part 2.

This week is the car reward challenge in which the survivors are broken up into teams of 3 and tied together in order to complete a 3 stage challenge involving axe throwing, a rope maze and digging for, of course, puzzle pieces. The teams are Boo, Yau-Man and Stacy on one side and then Earl, Cassandra and Dreamz on the other. Yau-Man eventually wins the car. However he is willing to deal it in return for safety and ends up giving the car to Dreamz. Yau-Man will send himself to exile island in hopes of fining it but Earl is the one who nabs it first. No word yet on where exactly the third idol is located.

The immunity challenge looks like a strategy one where they are all on balance beams over the watter. Supposedly this challenge is won by Boo. The group then decides to secretly vote out Yau-Man but he uses to idol and Stacy goes instead.

Finale Spoilers: Final 5 to being the finale. Boo is out first and Yau-Man goes out second. That leaves Cassandra, Dreamz and earl in the final 3 for the jury vote. It looks like Earl will win with Dreamz coming in second. I wouldn't be shocked to see that reversed.

The Bachelor's Final Choice Spoiled?

Once again, the Bachelor's final rose recipient has been supposedly spilled. If you want to know who Andy proposes to and the final result then keep reading. If not then stay away. Major spoilers ahead.

In the finale, Andy will choose Tessa and propose to her. However, Tessa will decline the ring but choose to stay with Andy. Supposedly the two are still together despite the rejected proposal. We'll have to wait until about a month after the finale to see if that's more truth or fiction.

Monday, May 07, 2007

2007 Upfronts

A week from today, we will begin to learn the fate of all our TV shows and new pilots to look forward to in the fall. The network upfronts begin on Monday in New York City as each network reveals their fall schedule. Following is a list of the upfront dates and a list of shows that have already been cancelled or renewed.

Monday, May 14
3:00 PM EST

Tuesday, May 15
4:00 PM EST

Wednesday, May 16
2:00 PM EST

Thursday, May 17
10:30 AM EST

Thursday, May 17
4:00 PM EST

Already determined to be returning Fall 2007:
· 30 ROCK
· ER

Already cancelled and will not return

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Rescue Me 4.09 Spoilers

This episode should air August, 2007.

The crew arrives on a call and learns that it is dangerously getting out of control. Tommy ignores all warnings and says he knows someone is in there. Lou tels Tommy its too hot to go in there but Tommy goes into the building anyway.

Lou and Mike have a conversation about picking up ladies that they normally don't date while eating at a diner.

Tommy goes looking at an extremely small and crappy apartment. The real estate agent knows nobody could really be interested in a place like this and begins to exit the place. Tommy then declares that he will take the place. The agent is shocked but says she will get right on the paperwork. Tommy hands her an envelope filled with cash and says that there is enough in there to more than cover the expenses for a while and that he's not filling out anything. Later on we see Tommy living there and doing various work outs in the apartment. Even later Tommy exits his new place and confronts a bunch of locals about some loud music. Things are about to turn ugly when they notice Tommy is not one to back down so they instead choose to oblige. Tommy continues on in his new neighborhood and urinates in the street.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Rescue Me 4.08 Spoilers

This episode should air in July, 2008.

Tommy is at a fire and rescues a man who has a hurt ankle. Once they both exit the burning building the Lieutenant comments that its Tommy's day off.

While out on another call the crew happens upon a car accident. the wreck doesn't look too bad but they spot a woman who appears to be covered in blood from head to tie. Lou insists she sit down and they call an ambulance for her. But as Lou approaches the woman he notices she's wearing tomato sauce.

Tommy is having dinner with a woman named Beth. She seems to be quite a firecracker especially when she decides to skip dinner and orders another round of cocktails. This has Tommy heavily considering joining Beth's happy hour but Tommy sticks with water instead.

Shelia is watching a little baby named Horatio but tells a woman on the street that the baby is hers.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 12 Spoilers

A little surprise on the boot last week but we'll make up for that this week! The reward challenge is another one recycled for Survivors past and has the contestants chomping into a side of meat and ripping off as many chunks as possible in order to meat some weight goal. The challenge looks to be individual and Yau-Mam is the winner. The reward is a white water rafting trip and it appears that Yau-Man chooses Dreamz, Boo and/or Cassandra. Earl is sent to Exile and has a good chance of finding the third hidden immunity idol with the second clue. Speculation is that this idol will be hidden on exile island, rather than on camp as the first two were. For the immunity challenge, its looks like the reward winner gets to select one person to sit out the challenge entirely as Boo is the one who gets to ride the pine. This challenge will be a multi stage skills course with the top 3 finishers going at it in the last stage. Alex will make it to the final 3 in this challenge but Dreamz gets immunity. There is a good chance Alex gets the heave ho this week.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Desperate Housewives 3.23 Spoilers

This is the season finale and will air on May 20, 2007.

Edie's mother is in town and she keeps having dreams about Carlos. It appears that Edie had told Carlos they are trying for a baby but she's still taking birth control. In one dream Edie confronts her mother Ilene about it and in another dream Ilene comforts Edie once Carlos has left her.

Bree is checking out of a hotel room and there is some mention of a baby.

Gabby is still in wedding preparations and Victor's father Milton is in town for the wedding. They are all having a conversation at dinner when Gabby learns that Victor intends to run for Governor. (We also know that Victor wins the Mayoral race). Gabby isn't too happy since things aren't going to well with her being the Mayor's wife. Seems there was an incident with picketers. Later on Gabby and victor have a big fight about the Governor issue. Gabby wants Victor to be happy being Mayor and pay attention to her. Victor doesn't want anyone to dictate his career moves. Gabby races to pack her things and get out of Victor's house when Milton talks to her to smooth things over. Gabby reconsiders and goes to talk to Victor and they reconcile. That same day Gabby overhears Victor and his dad talking about how much of an asset Gabby was to winning the Mayoral race because she is a Latina, this upsets Gabby and she walks away. Then Gabby starts letting out her issues with a reporter, telling her that Victor doesn't like strong women. Later on we learn that Gabby has indeed married Victor but isn't happy about it.

Susan surprises Mike with a minister carrying a suit for Mike somewhere in the woods. Mike is confused but he goes with it. A little later, Susan appears in a wedding dress holding wildflowers as her and Mike proceed to get married.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 11 Spoilers

After last week's whirlwind episode this one will be a lot calmer. a few things do happen to stir the pot such as Mookie and Alex finding Yau-Man has the other hidden immunity idol and trying to blackmail him about it. The reward challenge will be a game of launch and catch with the remaining 8 split into 2 teams. Those team are Stacy, Earl, Dre and Alex on the Green team and Yau-Man, Mookie, Boo and Cassandra on the Orange team. The Green team prevails and wins a trip on a seaplane and undoubtedly some more food. Yau-Man gets sent to exile but more in a move from Earl to get clues to the location of the newly hidden immunity idol. The immunity challenge is a bit of a mystery but could be one of those thinking memory games. Yau-Man is speculated to keep the immunity idol. This will make it pretty easy to boot Alex from the game.

To see all previous spoilers and who the winner and final 3 of Survivor Fiji are supposed to be, click on the "Survivor Fiji" tab to the left.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Desperate Housewives 3.22 Spoilers

This episode will air May, 2007.

Susan is at the doctor with her man of choice after one of her many clumsy moments when the doctor gets a serious tome of voice. The doctor tells Susan that he's worried she might have Lymphoma but needs to run some more tests to be sure. (Its come to my attention that this could very well be Lynette instead.)

Susan and Gabby are apparently fighting over wedding dates and vendors. It seems that Susan let Gabby have her wedding date but then Gabby stole Susan's vendors.

Edie visits an elderly woman named Mrs. Sims at a retirement home who had been renting out her home to Mike Delfino. Since Mike is moving out, she agreed to let Carlos live at the home in his place. Edie apparently doesn't want Carlos living there as she lies to Mrs. Sims about Carlos having drug problems among other things. Later on Carlos gets kicked out of the house.

Lynette is at the pizzeria as she spots Tom talking to a guy who is introduced as Tom's old buddy named Scott. Tom asks Lynette to sit and have a chat with them. Later on Scott reveals some personal stories about his relationship with his wife and encourages Lynette to do so. After a little more talk Lynette realizes that Scott is trying to psychoanalyze her and she gets upset. Tom reveals that Scott is a marriage counsellor and only wants them to get get some help. Lynette isn't happy she was fooled and walks away.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

List of Spring 2007 Finale Dates

The time has come to wrap up the spring TV season and enough information is available to make a compiled list of all the networks' finale dates. More will be added or changed as needed in updates to follow.

April 22 (Sunday): Apprentice, War at Home
April 24 (Tuesday): Pussycat Dolls
April 26 (Thursday): 30 Rock, October Road
April 27 (Friday): Identity, Raines

May 3 (Thursday): Shark
May 6 (Sunday): Amazing Race, Cold Case, Deal or No Deal
May 7 (Monday): Drive, Girlfriends, Old Christine
May 8 (Tuesday): George Lopez, The Unit
May 9 (Wednesday): Jericho, Thank God You're Here
May 10 (Thursday): 5ht Grader, My name is Earl, Without a Trace
May 11 (Friday): Close to Home, Ghost Whisperer
May 13 (Sunday): 7th Heaven, Survivor Fiji
May 14 (Monday): All of Us, CSI: Miami, Everybody Hates Chris, HIMYM, Two and a Half Men, King of Queens, The Game
May 15 (Tuesday): Gilmore Girls
May 16 (Wednesday): America's Next Top Model, Bones, Criminal Minds, Crossing Jordan, CSI: NY, Medium
May 17 (Thursday): CSI, ER, Grey's Anatomy, Office, Scrubs, Smallville, Supernatural, Ugly Betty
May 18 (Friday): Funniest Home Videos, Law & Order, Numb3rs
May 20 (Sunday): American Dad, Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives, Extreme Makeover Home, Family Guy, Simpsons,
May 21 (Monday): 24, Bachelor, Heroes
May 22 (Tuesday): Boston Legal, Dateline, Dancing With the Stars, Law & Order SVU, Law & Order CI, NCIS, Veronica Mars
May 23 (Wednesday): American Idol, Lost

June 13 (Wednesday) One Tree Hill

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Desperate Housewives 4.21 Spoilers

This episode will air May 6, 2007.

Gabby is getting ready for a party at Victor's mansion when she has a conversation with the caterer about how cool it will be if Victor is elected Mayor and she gets to be first lady. Gabby also tries to get out of a parking ticket.

Tom and a detective are looking at security tape from an apparent robbery at the pizzeria. But then as the video continues Tom sees footage of Lynette having dinner with Rick in what looks to be more romantic than Tom would like.

Susan chooses Mike to be her mate and then get lost in the woods as she tries to find him.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Epiosde 10 Spoilers

High drama this week on Survivor as word of Mookie's immunity idol and vote for Stacy circulate camp Bula Bula. All signs point to the ridiculous "team" formed at the last challenge are abolished and everyone is playing as individuals again. The reward challenge is a trivia challenge supposedly about the remaining tribemates. The object of the game is when you get a correct answer you get to take smash a shelf of one other person, we've seen this all many times in Survivor. Its the famous, who's really in control/who's really in an alliance game. Anyway, its appears Alex doesn't win this challenge and possibly gets sent to exile island. It appears that Cassandra wins the reward and selects Dreamz to accompany her on a luxury yacht for the night. For the immunity challenge, its the classic Survivor endurance game. This time they stand on pegs for as long as they can. Yau-Man proves his strength and value again but winning immunity. The drama hits a fever pitch when the Alex/Ed/Mookie alliance hears that Alex is the chosen one to go. In order for Mookie to regain trust from Alex he agrees to give the immunity idol so that they can get someone from the other tribe out. Dreamz finds out about this plan and the other group decides to vote out Edgardo instead. Much hilarity will ensue when Alex presents the idol and they watch Edgardo get voted out.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Real World Las Vegas II

Filming has just gotten underway for a mini season of the Real world to air this summer. Its actually a reunion of the Las Vegas cast in their old home, the Palms Hotel and Casino. Filming will be about for only 10 days but word is each cast member has returned. No word on how many episodes the mini series will produce but there is a hint at future mini reunion shows to happen such as one in Austin.

Update on 5.1.07: The Real World Las Vegas II will supposedly have 6 episodes and is slated to premiere on May 30th.

Extremely Detailed Inferno 3 Spoilers

I just found this information from a site called and it has the most detailed spoilers I think I've ever seen in one place. The following is all the details on whats going to happen each week of the Inferno 3. It reveals the entire enchilada so look away if you'd rather not be this heavily spoiled.

Mission 1:
Winner: Bad Asses
Person Chosen by Bad Asses: Davis
Person Chosen by Good Guys: Abram

Mission 2:
Winner: Bad Asses
Lifesaver Winner: Alton & Abram
Lifesaver Used: Yes (Alton volunteers to go into the Inferno in Davis's place)
Inferno #1: Alton vs. Tyrie
Winner: Alton

Mission 3:
Person Chosen by Good Guys: Rachel
Person Chosen by Bad Asses: Evelyn

Mission 4:
Lifesaver Winner: Unknown
Lifesaver Used: No
Inferno #2: Rachel vs. Evelyn
Winner: Evelyn

Mission 5:
Person Chosen by Bad Asses: Davis
Person Chosen by Good Guys: Danny

Mission 6:
Lifesaver Winner: Unknown
Lifesaver Used: No
Inferno #3: Danny vs. Davis
Winner: Davis

Mission 7:
Person Chosen by Bad Asses: Colie
Person Chosen by Good Guys: Tonya

Mission 8:
Lifesaver Winner: Tonya
Lifesaver Used: Yes (Tonya takes chooses Evelyn as her replacement)
Inferno #4: Colie vs. Evelyn
Winner: Evelyn

Mission 9:
Person Chosen by Good Guys: Kenny
Person Chosen by Bad Asses: Timmy

Mission 10:
Lifesaver Winner: Timmy
Lifesaver Used: Yes (Timmy chooses Ace as his replacement)
Inferno #5: Ace vs. Kenny
Winner: Ace

Mission 11:
Person Chosen by Good Guys: Jenn
Person Chosen by Bad Asses: Cara

Mission 12:
Lifesaver Winner: Cara
Lifesaver Used: No (shocking almost everyone left)
Inferno #6: Cara vs. Jenn
Winner: Jenn

Mission 13:
Person Chosen by Bad Asses: Timmy
Person Chosen by Good Guys: Derrick

Mission 14:
Lifesaver Winner: Unknown
Lifesaver Used: No
Inferno #7: Timmy vs. Derrick
Winner: Derrick

Mission 15:
Person Chosen by Bad Asses: Paula
Person Chosen by Good Guys: Aneesa

Mission 16:
Lifesaver Winner: Aneesa
Lifesaver Used: Yes
Inferno #8: Paula vs. Jenn
Winner: Paula

Final Mission:
Good Guys: Ace, Alton, Davis, John, Paula, Susie
Bad Asses: Abram, Aneesa, Derrick, Evelyn, Janelle, Tonya.
Winner: Bad Asses

Bad Asses split $230,000. (About $38,333)
Good Guys split $80,000. (About $13,333)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Desperate Housewives 3.20 Spoilers

This episode will air April 29, 2007.

Susan has an incident with a man in a mall parking lot. Things get out of hand and Susan end up in a therapy session as a result. Then during the course of the therapy Susan reveals her issues about Ian and Mike. The therapist advises Susan to make a choice one and for all. Susan will also learn about the poker game between Ian and Mike.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 9 Spoilers

Its merge time on Survivor but it wouldn't be Survivor without a twist. The wrench thrown at them here is that while all contestants will live together on one beach, they will continue to participate in challenges in teams. The fun part is that they are forced to draw new teams at random and will go straight from the immunity challenge to tribal council. The even better twist is that everyone has to live at Moto now, without any luxuries.

On to the specifics. Nobody gets exiled or participates in a reward challenge due to the merge. There is only an immunity challenge consisting of rowing boats and puzzle making. The 10 castaways are divided into a team of Boo, Earl, Yao-Man, Casandra and Eguardo while the other team is Michelle, Dreamz, Stacy, Mookie and Alex. The second team loses and Michelle gets booted since she had the unfortunate luck to end up on a team without any allies.

Rescue Me 4.07 Spoilers

This episode will air in July, 2007.

The crew is responding to a rather large fire with their new probies. The situation is getting worse by the minute and they realize they'll have to split up and tackle the upper floors. Sean notices a woman in a fourth floor window and then she tosses a her baby out of the window.

Later on it appears that the crew is involved in some game of basketball with a rival engine. Lou is the coach and he's drawing up a play for his team.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Rescue Me 4.06 Spoilers

This episode should air sometime in July, 2007.

Teddy is still at the rehab place participating in a group session takes out his flask of alcohol and takes a swig. The group leader says that's not allowed in a drug rehab facility. Teddy explains that its not drugs he's doing at the moment so he should be allowed to do as he pleases. The leader isn't buying it when she explain that alcohol is considered a drug.

Sean seems to be staying at Mike's mothers house when he knocks on Mike's room one night. Apparently they are coming up with nicknames for each other and Sean has a good idea. Mike is hesitant to answer the door and seems to be hiding something.

Sean and Mike talk about Maggie and her problems. Sean suggests that Maggie needs professional help but Mike says that she needs to want to do it on her own. Either way Sean says he's not up for hanging out with the guys that night. Sean and Mike depart at the same time but Sean ends up driving back for some reason.

Lou is at a bar in some kind of photo booth taking drunken goofy pictures. He hands the photo strip to the bartender who then puts them on the wall along with the collection of other photo strips. Then Lou notices that Theresa has a strip up with some other dude. Lou snatches Teresa's strip and exits the bar.

Franco and Natalie are engaged but haven't set a wedding date yet. However that does not stop Franco from having a bachelor party planned. Natalie is asking him to cancel the party and take care of something before they can get married.

Teddy is at a tattoo parlor getting "Jane" tattooed on his arm. The tattoo guy is about half way finished when Teddy explains he busted out of rehab and has been on a bender ever since. Once the tattoo guy figures out Teddy doesn't have any money left he stops with the inking.

Friday, April 06, 2007

CBS Spring 2007 Finale Dates

Adding one more network to the list! Once ABC releases theirs I will make a compiled list.

May 3 (Thursday): Shark
May 6 (Sunday): Amazing Race, Cold Case
May 8 (Tuesday): The Unit
May 9 (Wednesday): Jericho
May 10 (Thursday): Without a Trace
May 11 (Friday): Close to Home, Ghost Whisperer
May 13 (Sunday): Survivor Fiji
May 14 (Monday): HIMYM, 2 1/2 Men, King of Queens, CSI: Miami
May 16 (Wednesday): Criminal Minds, CSI: NY
May 17 (Thursday): CSI
May 18 (Friday): Numb3rs
May 22 (Tuesday): NCIS

One Tree Hill 3.17 Spoilers

This episode will air on May 9, 2007.

Mouth and Rachel end up on a road trip together, as both are eager to skip town. The rest of the group hits the road to catch up with the missing duo. There is a good chance Lucas and Peyton share their first time together. Brooke tells Haley the truth about the calculus test. Nathan continues to deal with the aftermath of his past affair with Brooke but also share some good moments with Haley.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rescue Me 4.05 Spoilers

This episode should air June, 2007.

Teddy is checked in to the rehab facility and is in his first group meeting. When it comes to his turn he explain his time in prison and how he got out. After a few minutes the group leader asks exactly what Teddy needs rehab from and he explains its that he needs to adjust to living outside of prison and is enjoying it there.

Teddy then goes on some sort of day trip to get his hair cut. Something has pissed off Teddy while there and he starts making a scene. The barber calls the rehab place to plead for them to come pick up Teddy. This angers Teddy even more as he threatens to drink some hair dye and shave his own ass.

Teddy also has a conversation to a random guy the bar about how wonderful prison is. Teddy doesn't recommend killing anyone but if there is something non violent ever comes up its not a bad deal to go to the big house for a while. Then he talks to a woman at the bar about his prison experiences. The woman is really digging Teddy and he asks her back to his rehab room. The woman follows Teddy back to his place and then explains she would like to teach him about Jesus. Teddy is disappointed since he was expecting a blow job.

Franco and lou are talking to a guy named Bartholomew who is a new probie who it seems like they really want to join. Bartholomew has a few requests to make, including that he wants to be called by his name and not the standard "probie". Also he needs a prayer space since he is Muslim. Lou and Franco agree that they can likely accommodate those needs. But its going to be difficult to land Bartholomew since he had been talking to 6 other engines with good offers on the table.

Survivor Fiji: Episode 8 Spoilers

More of the same on Survivor this week. Moto will win the reward challenge where they have to learn a tribal Fijian dance and perform it for the locals. Lisi will be sent to exile again. The immunity challenge is won by Moto as well. The challenge looks to be something involving blow darts and targets. It will be no surprise that Lisi gets the boot this week. The only question is weather or not Edgardo and Mookie find the hidden immunity idol at camp Ravu.

Friday, March 30, 2007

2007 World Series Odds

Its spring time and the baseball is about to begin in a few days. Its time for my World Series odds preview and predictions. These odds are courtesy of

American League:

7-2 New York Yankees
7-2 Boston Red Sox
9-1 Chicago White Sox
10-1 Detroit Tigers
10-1 Los Angeles Angels
13-1 Cleveland Indians
18-1 Minnesota Twins
20-1 Oakland Athletics
22-1 Toronto Blue Jays
40-1 Texas Rangers
50-1 Seattle Mariners
80-1 Baltimore Orioles
90-1 Kansas City Royals
90-1 Tampa Bay Devil Rays

National League:

8-1 New York Mets
9-1 Los Angeles Dodgers
11-1 Philadelphia Phillies
12-1 Chicago Cubs
13-1 St. Louis Cardinals
15-1 Atlanta Braves
20-1 Milwaukee Brewers
20-1 San Francisco Giants
25-1 San Diego Padres
30-1 Arizona Dimondbacks
35-1 Cincinnati Reds
40-1 Houston Astros
50-1 Florida Marlins
50-1 Pittsburgh Pirates
55-1 Colorado Rockies
100-1 Washington Nationals

My take on these odds: First of all I'm glad the Rockies are not picked for last place in the NL again but I'm still perplexed by their odds. No, I don't have delusions that they will win the world series but they will have a better record than Pittsburgh and Florida. The rest of the NL West is too highly rated, especially San Francisco who will have a tough time getting more wins than the Rockies. Even though the Mets are ranked at the top of the NL, I still like their 8-1 odds. Although any pick can be argued in the NL, its that up in the air.

For the AL, Cleveland and Minnesota are decent bets. They are both expected to do well. Boston and the Yankees are obviously the top of the AL and the league. I wouldn't bet on either team but if you want a sure chance they will both give it to you. I might like the Red Sox a little more than the Yankees this year. The White Sox are a tad too favored, they likely won't win the division.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rescue Me 4.04 Spoilers

This episode will air in June, 2007.

Sean and Maggie are in a fight but he wants the relationship to work out. Then Sean notices there is some guy in his apartment and Maggie says she's moved on. Sean doesn't believe it because he left only hours ago. Sean tries to reason with Maggie but she's being stubborn. Sean then threatens divorce and slams the door in Maggie's face while the dude looks on with confusion.

Franco is purchasing an engagement ring for Natalie.

Janet and Tommy are in couple's counselling. They talk about being broken up several times but never going through with a divorce. Tommy's question for the shrink is weather or not to give the marriage another chance or to file for divorce. The shrink asks some family history on them as Tommy and Janet run through their whole mess of problems. Just as Janet finishes up on the last bit of history the shrink picks up the phone and calls someone named Dick, telling him that the joke was great and he almost believed they were a real couple. Tommy and Janet look at each other in confusion.

Teddy and Ellie are temporarily staying at her very elderly mother's house. Teddy wonders if she's dead and this prompts some words of exchange between the mother and Teddy. Ellie then suggests that Teddy go to alcohol rehab so that they can be a regular couple. Teddy seems all for it but questions the cost. Ellie says that she will use her mother's money to pay for it.

Lou and the other Jerry share a conversation at the rival firehouse when Lou spots woman leaving the kitchen area. Lou tells Jerry that they need to have a chat.

Later on the crew is out on call. Lou is telling Needles that they are a bit lost in the building when they hear a woman calling out to them in Spanish. The guys find her pregnant and with her water broken. Upon examination they see the baby's head is almost out. Lou lies her down and the guys prepare to deliver the baby.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

List of Summer 2007 Premiere Dates

Now its as good time as any to start listing the premiere dates for this summer. We've got the FOX and NBC dates for now, I'll add to the list and keep updating it once I know more.

May 22 (Tuesday): On the Lot
May 24 (Thursday): So You Think You Can Dance
May 29 (Tuesday): America's Got Talent
May 30 (Wednesday): Rescue Me

June 3 (Sunday): The 4400
June 10 (Sunday): The Loop
June 11 (Monday): The Closer
June 13 (Wednesday): Last Comic Standing
June 18 (Monday): Age of Love
June 25 (Monday): Hell's Kitchen

June TBD: Big Love, Biggest Loser

July TBD: Big Brother, Monk, Psych, Top Chef

September 30 (Sunday): Dexter

September TBD: Nip/Tuck

Updates 4.12.07

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 7 Spoilers

Its jury time on Survivor as another season of expandrf jury pool to 9 is set up. The reward challenge is something about racing to throw balls. Ravu finally wins a challenge as the tribe gets to enjoy some eats. Rocky will end up aggravating his tribe mates over it. Yao Man will be chosen for the exile, thus keeping the rest of the tribe in the dark about the hidden immunity idol. However, Yao Man will also finally find the hidden immunity idol back at camp.

For the immunity challenge, its a blindfolded vocal lead and then throwing stuff at skulls. Moto will win this challenge and send Ravu to tribal council. Rocky will be voted out, presumably because the guys think they can vote off Lisi whenever they want. Also, Rocky will be the first member of a 9 member jury.

Monday, March 26, 2007

NFL 2007 Schedule: Week 1 & Turkey Day

Taking a break from TV for a moment, we have to get down to a little football. While the 2007 schedule has not yet been announced, we do now know what the primetime matchups for week 1 are and the Thanksgiving games.

Week 1:
Thursday, September 6th.

New Orleans at Indianapolis

Sunday, September 9th.
Chicago at San Diego 4pm eastern
NY Giants at Dallas 8pm eastern

Monday, September 10th.
Baltimore at Cincinnati 7pm eastern
Arizona at San Fransisco 10pm eastern

Thanksgiving Day:
Thursday, November 22nd.

Green Bay at Detroit 12:30 pm eastern
New York Jets at Dallas 4pm eastern
Indianapolis at Atlanta 8pm eastern (NFL Network)

Also, the entire schedule will be announced on Thursday, April 5th on ESPN at 2pm eastern!

Update: The schedule release got pushed back until April 11th. And the NFL Network had a one hour special at 1pm eastern instead.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Road Rules Lives!

After a more than disappointing start to the newly resurrected Road Rules season, MTV is casting for another edition of the show likely to be filmed this summer. MTV is also casting for the 20th season of the Real World, which some speculate may be its last season as it concludes their contract with MTV. Supposedly the 20th season of the Real World will go back to the original style of the show and focus on the people's lives rather than their party habits. I'll believe that when I see it. No word where this season will be located. The 19th season is currently filming in Sydney, Australia.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

CW Spring Finale Dates

First up was NBC and now I have the CW's finale dates. I'm fairly certain about all of them except One Tree Hill's, the date is outside of sweeps but is entirely possible since the next original episodes have been pushed back to May 2. Once I get another network's dates I'll make a compiled list of all dates.

April 24 (Tuesday): Pussycat Dolls

May 7 (Monday): Girlfriends
May 13 (Sunday): 7th Heaven
May 14 (Monday): All of Us, Everybody Hates Chris, The Game
May 15 (Tuesday): Gilmore Girls
May 16 (Wednesday): America's Next Top Model
May 17 (Thursday): Smallville, Supernatural
May 22 (Tuesday): Veronica Mars (2 hours)

June 6 (Wednesday) One Tree Hill

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

One Tree Hill 4.16 Spoilers

This episode will air May 2, 2007. UPDATE: The CW announced today that they are pushing back the new epiosdes of One Tree Hill.

These spoilers are slightly different that what I wrote up previously but I'll share anyway. I have a feeling these might be the more correct of the two.

This episode will be the continuation of the prom episode cliffhanger as it is still prom night. Peyton will not make it to prom and Lukas will be alone. Nathan and Haley share a nice night together and Dan turns on the charm for Karen. Lucas will finally put the pieces of the puzzle together about what happened to Keith. There will be a witness who saw Dan kill Keith, supposedly its either Mouth or the girl named Abby.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 6 Spoilers

This is the big episode that CBS has teased for weeks. I can't believe they thought we were going to fall for all that merge talk. Its really the tribe reshuffle that I've been talking about for weeks.

Early on in the episode the tribes will gather and 2 new "captains" will be selected, Earl and Edgardo. They will each pick a tribe member alternating someone from their old tribe and someone from the other tribe, also the newest selectee getting to make the next selection and so forth. The tribes shake out this way: Earl, Michelle, Yao-Man, Cassandra, Stacy, and Boo. And then Edgardo, Dreams, Alex, James, Mookie, Anthony. Lisi will be the last one chosen and will head to exile island without a team. Earl's team will get to live on the "haves" beach while Edgardo's team goes back to the "have not" life.

Its not looking likely for a reward challenge due to the tribal switch. The immunity challenge is a ropes obstacle course. the "have nots" tribe of Ravu loses again. Anthony is voted out. Also, it appears that Earl and yao-Man do find the hidden immunity idol at their new camp.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gilmore Girls 7.19 Spoilers

This epiosde will air in April, 2007.

Some mild spoiler for this epiosde: Paris and Doyle are supposedly breakingup this episode as well as Rory and Logan having more disagreements. Lorelai will be in the market for a new car so she will need to ride a bike around for a while. Lorelai will ask Luke to go car shopping with her and this is where they really rekindle at least their friendship. There is also some business with Lorelai's dollhouse and it possibly being destrpyed.

Friday Night Lights Finale Spoilers

This episode will likely air on April 11, 2007.

The finale for this season will have the Panthers at the state championship game, which is being filmed at Texas Stadium where the Dallas Cowboys play. I also hear that the finale will not resemble anything like the Friday Night Lights movie. My guess is that this means the Panthers will not win the State title. I think if that's true it might bode well for a second season.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Veronica Mars Cancelled or FBI?

After an odd turn of events as E! Online reported that Veronica Mars was actually cancelled, the network and studio have confirmed that no decision on Veronica Mar's fate has been made. Word is that Rob Thomas has been asked to develop a featurette of sorts that showcases Veronica 4 years in the future as a full fledged FBI agent. It sounds as if there is little chance Veronica will return to her college years at Hearst in the fall but there is hope that this flash forward will pan out. I, personally will take my Veronica in any form they want to serve it in.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fresh Meat 2 is Coming

MTV has already decided what the next Real World/Road Rules challenge will be after the upcoming Inferno 3, set to premiere on April 11. The next installment which has not yet begun filming, will be the second season of the Fresh Meat challenge. More information and updates to come on this story!

Update on 6/26/07: The next challenge will in fact be the Gauntlet 3. No word yet on if Fresh Meat 2 is still in theworks or not but I'll keep updating.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Top Design Spoilers

Nothing too detailed in the spoilers for the first season of Top Design. however, I can divulge details about what challenge each episode contains and the speculated winner.

Episode 1.06 (March 14): The 6 designers are split into teams of 3 as they decorate a party room for Bicardi Limon and Elle Decor Magazine.

Episode 1.07 (March 21): The 5 remaining contestants will create a dining room for Top Chef head judge Tom Colicchio.

Episode 1.08 (March 28): The final 4 designers design a hotel room at the Viceroy Hotel in LA.

Episode 1.09 (April 4): The last 3 standing will recreate an Elle Decor magazine cover.

Episode 1.10 (April 11): The final 2 contestants each design a entire loft apartment in LA in this first season finale.

As for the winner, word is that the judges are impressed with Goil's work enough to give him the title of Top Designer.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Amazing Race Winners Revealed?

Warning: Big spoilers ahead.

So we all pretty much know that the "shokcing ending" tonight on the Amazing Race will be that somehow Rob & Amber get eliminated. Not sure exactly what the problem will be, either bad luck, a mistake or the other teams plotting against them. We'll surely find out in a matter of hours.

Now the interesting thing that has been brought to my attention is the finishing position of the top 3 teams. I'm fairly confident in the top 3 but I take the positions with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, I do think the information is worth sharing. I hear that Eric & Danielle win, followed by Dustin & Kandace taking second and Charla & Mirna bringing up the rear. There also seems to be a general consensus that third place will certainly be Charla & Mirna, first and second are a little more unsettled but thats the word on the street.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

American Idol 6: Final 12 Odds

Its odds time again now that American Idol is down to its top 12 contestants. I'm not really sure anyone really deserves to win at this point so it should be an interesting season. These odds are courtesy of

Melinda Doolittle +186
Lakisha Jones +300
Blake Lewis +735
Chris Sligh +835
Stephanie Edwards +1050
Jordin Sparks +1130
Chris Richardson +1186
Gina Glocksen +2202
Sanjaya Malakar +3397
Brandon Rogers +5000
Phil Stacey +5000
Haley Scarnato +15000

My take on these odds: Remember early favorite never win, so I wouldn't cast my vote for Melinda just yet. It baffles me that Sanjaya is ranked above anyone. I also find it odd that both Gina and Chris R. are ranked lower than people who are not as talented as them, they'd be my good bets as well as Blake. As I said before, nobody really stands out to me so any good hunch can turn out to be a good bet. I'm rolling the dice on my favorites.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 5 Spoilers

So much has already been revealed about this season's Survivor that my episodic spoilers are probably redundant. But I will continue on for those of you who still enjoy reading them.

First of all, Yao-Man and Earl will work together to find the hidden immunity idol on their camp but are likley not sucessful this episode.

The reward challenge consists of some sort of sumo jousting battle with huge blocking pads on a balance beam over water. The reward contains some luxuries Moto has been enjoying. Moto finally wins the reward and gets to enjoy, among other things, toilet paper. Lisi will get chosen to go to exile island where she will learn about the hidden immunity idol clues. She'll share this information with her alliance.

The immunity challenge is one of those story-memory games where the survivors all run to different stations and answer questions in order to collect items. Rita will likely mess up in the challenge as Moto loses again, and she'll get the boot too.

Some future episode spoilers: There will be a tribe switch next week where most of Ravu goes to Moto, thus becoming the "have nots". The Moto curse will continue as the new Moto tribe will lose supposedly every single immunity challenge until the merge. The Jury will be formed after 7 get the boot and the merge will happen after 9 are gone. Yao-Man and Earl will control one hidden immunity Idol, getting Yao-Man into the final 4 and Earl into the final 3. The trio of Alex, Edgardo and Mookie will control the other idol. Supposedly there is third idol at the merge camp.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Desperate Housewives 3.19 Spoilers

This epiosde will air sometime around April, 2007.

Gabby gets blackmailed with some steamy photos of her and Victor. She tells the cops about the situation but the pictures appear in the newspaper anyhow. Gabby then has a confrontation with Victor's campaign manager who says he should have been told about the situation and would have dealt with it. Gabby doesn't understand what the fuss is all about, so what if the public knows about their romance? She also didn't want to upset Victor. The campaign guy explains that the cops set up the whole ordeal since they knew any sort of controversey to come out at a time like this would favor the current mayor. Victor enters the conversation and asks the manager to take care of the situation as it stands now. Predictably, the solution is for Gabby and Victor to announce their engagement.

The cops enter Mrs. McCluskey's hospital room as she admits that she has done osmething wrong and has been caught.

Susan is at a wedding cake tasting with a caterer named Maggie. Susan and Maggie get to talking and Susan finds out that Maggie is a bit desperate for a date. Susan then decides to set her up with Mike and they can double date at a dinner the next night with her and Ian.

A realtor named Russell is showing a couple a vacant house when he opens the door to find Edie and Carlos having sex on the floor.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Night Lights 1.19 and 1.20 Spoilers

These episodes should air on March 21st and 28th respectively because the season finale is set to air on April 11, 2007.

Episode 1.19 will have Lyla arguing with Buddy Garrity at the car dealership. Lyla will become so upset she will drive one of the cars through the dealership. Landry will end up being Trya's math tutor. Coach Taylor will endure some more heat for his dealings with Smash. There will also be a bomb threat at Dillon High School.

Episode 1.20 will contain the "The Mud Bowl", which is the semi final game before the state championship. Its called that because the game will be played in a rural football field and it will be raining throughout the game. It also sounds like Dillon pulls out a close win and is on to the state championship game. Would we have it any other way?

Update: Its has been brought to my attention that it might be Tyra, not Lyla, that drives the car through the dealership. I see the plot working either way but the information could have been incorrect the first time or they decided to change it.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Desperate Housewives 3.18 Spoilers

This episode will likely air April, 2007.

Victor is at the park holding some sort of debate versus the current mayor for his own mayoral campaign. In the middle of the debate something distracts Victor and then he asks someone that works for him to have Gabby put in his limo.

Lynette is at the pizzeria and she encounters a demanding customer. The guy complains about his food and Lynette becomes very upset. Jason comes to her rescue and assists with the customer. Later on Tom and Lynette are at the ER getting treatment for some minor injuries. The doctor asks what happened and they say it was due to some kinky sex.

Mr McClusky finally makes an appearance as he excitedly argues with his wife about some hooligans that work at some plant.

The ladies, except Bree, all play poker at Gabby's house while they admire Gabby's new handyman named Toby who is very attractive.

NBC Spring Finale Dates

Spring is right around the corner now that it is March and we are now officially on the lookout for Spring finale dates. So far I have the ones from NBC. Many more to follow and be updated as needed.

March 9 (Friday): Las Vegas
March 16 (Friday): 1 vs 100
March 25 (Sunday): Grease

April 11 (Wednesday): Friday Night Lights
April 22 (Sunday): Apprentice
April 27 (Friday): Identity

May 6 (Sunday): Deal or No Deal
May 10 (Thursday): 30 Rock, My Name is Earl
May 16 (Wednesday): Crossing Jordan, Medium
May 17 (Thursday): ER, Office, Scrubs
May 18 (Friday): Law & Order
May 21 (Monday): Black Donnellyes, Deal or No Deal, Heroes
May 22 (Tuesday): Dateline, Law & Order SVU, Law & Order CI

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Survivor Fiji: HUGE Spoilers and Final 3

I just found some information about how the rest of the Survivor season will go, especially the end game. Information this detailed should usually be taken with some degree of skepticism but so far the spoilers have been dead on and I am confident these spoilers are mostly true. These spoilers are very detailed so proceed at your own caution.

The car reward challenge is back this season and is believed to be some sort of Ford truck. Mookie wins it but gives it to Dreamz in order to secure his loyalty and it backfires.

Edgardo finds one of the hidden immunity idols and gives it to Alex. Dreamz orchastrates Edgardo getting the boot that week and Alex gets the boot the following week. Sounds like Dreamz is going to call the shots for the most part.

Now on to the final 3. Remember this season's survivor is going to have a final 3 at tribal council just like last season. Those 3 will be Dreamz, Earl and Cassandra with Earl having the best shot at the money.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 4 Spoilers

So far so good with the spoilers this season, 3/3. Hopefully it will continue. Lots of info to share on this episode!

First of all, Anthony and Rocky get into a fight once they arrive back at camp from the previous episode's tribal council. There will be both a reward and immunity challenge this week. The reward challenge is another recycled competition from Survivor past where each team needs to get its members one by one off a balance beam, starting with the far side. Gary and Cassandra sit out for Moto and it proves to be the right decision since Moto wins yet again. It appears that Moto chooses Yau-Man to visit exile island. Moto's reward is also yet another feast for the less than starving tribe.

After the first challenge Rocky will throw a fit to his temamates, threatening to quit. But its whats going on at camp Moto will be the person who is forced to leave the game, Gary is not feeling well enough to continue the game.

The immunity challenge is a water based obstacle course in which the survivors need to unlock prison like structres with keys they retrieve. Moto again wins this challenge. However, winning immuntiy this time isn't all its cracked up to be. They will be asked to either accept the immuntiy and permenantly leave their cushy camp or reject immunity and go to tribal council like a losing tribe.

Moto decides that they'd like to keep living in luxury and elect to head off to tribal council. Since Gary is already out of the game at this point the tribe will choose to vote out liliana for being too flirty with the guys.

Desperate Housewives 3.17 Spoilers

This episode should air on March 11, 2007.

Gabby shows up at Victor's house but his housekeeper tells Gabby he isn't home. Gabby doesn't seem to mind and says she was just wanted to drop by and use the restroom. The housekeeper is a bit skeptical and decides not to let Gabby in the house. Gabby confesses that she just really needs to come inside for something quick and the housekeeper obliges. It seems like Gabby is looking for something.

Later on Gabby is at the country club when a woman named Samantha compliments Gabby on her clothes. Samantha then explains how she likes the clothes so much because they are hers and then pulls out the tag to prove it. Gabby then puts two and two together and realizes that Samantha is Victor's ex. Samantha doesn't feel like chatting as she demands the clothes back from Gabby and then proceeds to pull them off of her. Gabby struggles and then Samantha threatens to use pepper spray on Gabby. So Gabby relents and gives Samantha the dress. However all this backfires when Victor asks Samantha why Gabby isn't still wearing the dress.

The Scavo Pizza place is open and Lynette tries to buddy up to the waitstaff by asking them to vent their grievances. One of the girls mentions she'd like to keep all the tips she makes and one of the guys says he's like some health insurance. This apparently isn't what Lynette in mind as she begins to ask about the uniforms. The gang all pretty much says the uniforms don't bother them but Lynette continues on about how horrible the uniforms are. Lynette obviously is looking for the employees to complain about the uniforms.

Edie throws a guy named Raoul out of her house because he was cheating on her with his stepsister. Edie calls him a sicko as he tries to defend his actions. Edie then remembers that she needs a certain watch back from Raoul.

First Anniversary

Today is the day I started this spoilers blog one year ago. Almost 80,000 visitors have enjoyed what I've written and I'm just so glad even one person came to read the site! So thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this experience fun and rewarding for me. I hope the second year will bring you even more content to read and spoilers to enjoy.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Desperate Housewives 3.16 Spoilers

This episode will air March 4, 2007.

The departed Rex Van De Kamp will narrate this episode instead of the usual Mary Alice.

Edie's son is set to show up, his name is Travers and is 9 years old. We will also get to meet Edie'e ex who asks her to keep the kid for a little bit while he goes away on business. Gabby and Carlos both have dates. Mike takes back the ring he bought for Susan. Lynette has issues with a limo.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Survivor 15 Location

I just learned that the location for this fall's 15th installment of Surivor will be in China. The season will be filmed this summer and applications are still being accepted.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Top Model 8: Episode 1 Spoilers

I found some spoilers on the first episode of the 8th cycle of America's Next Top Model. The theme of the photo shoot will be political causes with each of the girls depicting such political issues as abortion, gun control, fur (yes/no), vegan/meat eater, death penalty, and gay marriage. Jael looks likely to win the first challenge and Kathleen looks like the first one to get the boot.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 3 Spoilers

Its still tough times over at camp Ravu where the castaways are still trying to make fire without a flint. Despite this hardship they will somehow find success and start the fire.

Gary is the likely person who will have the medical person visit him on camp Moto. it won't force him out of the game this week but is something to keep in mind for next week.

The reward challenge is some sort of slip and slide task. Tough call on who the winner is but speculation is that its Moto.

The exiled seems to be either a repeat of Sylvia or Earl since the other team hasn't figured out the immunity idol isn't on exile island.

The immunity challenge is the gross foods competition that has been missing for several seasons. Moto will continue their winning ways. Sylvia unsuccessfully looks for the hidden immunity idol and will get the axe at tribal council.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

What About Brian 2.19 Spoilers

This will most likely be the series finale of this show and will air in the spring of 2007.

Deena is set to go out of town to Monterrey to see a sick family member and tells Nicole that Dave didn't want to come, he had other plans. Nicole worries about running the cupcake store by herself but Deena insists that it will be no problem as she doesn't expect much business that day. Just as Deena leaves a customer tells Nicole that the store has been written up in some publication.

Ivy and Jimmy are at the cupcake store helping Nicole out making cupcakes, it seems there is a larger than usual demand as a big crowd gathers at the store. Its also "Ivy Day". Nicole attempts to suggest to the customers to buy less cupcakes but they are not backing down.

Dave and Deena take a train out of town but fall asleep during the trip and find that they have gotten off at the wrong stop, a little further out of town than they expected. They try to flag down the train before it departs but are unsuccessful.

Dave and Deena are getting ready to renew their wedding vows after a naked hot tub in the woods moment that they realize they absolutely want to get back together. A woman named Mona who has her teenage son and a forest ranger guy in tow meet up with Dave and Deena in order to help with the vows. Apparently this is where they were married for the first time. But during the ceremony Dave and Deena have an epiphany and decide that they want to renew their vows in front of all their friends and daughters.

Meanwhile Brian has been left in charge of Larissa and Geneva but loses them while he is at one of Stephanie's movie auditions. Laura saves the day as she finds the girls playing dress up with the costumes. Brian is incredible relieved and suggests they all go have lunch now that everything is OK. Laura says she doesn't feel up to it and tells Brian to spend time with Stephanie since they are such an item now. Brian lets Laura leave.

Brain and Natasha have a conversation about a missing file and blames it on her. Brian also mentions he's offended that Natasha questioned Stephanie's maternal skills. Brian also tries to leave Carrie with Adam and Natasha at her work. Adam takes the baby and says they are going to get some coffee.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Desperate Housewives 3.15 Spoilers

This episode will air February 18, 2007.

Scavo Pizzeria is about to open and Lynette finds that the wrong chairs were delivered. She is about to give the delivery guy a big time chewing out but discovers that the mistake is hers. She now needs to find some replacements in a couple hours.

The doctor tells Orson that Bree is paralyzed and she is having some sort of communication difficulty as well. Orson also talks to a doctor about how he fell off the roof and it was not intentional. Orson shares that his father killed himself because he cheated on his wife and both Orson and his mother never forgave him.

Ian goes to the hospital to pick up Jane's personal items but instead gets Mikes things. Ian finds a engagement ring that has Susan's name engraved on it. The nurse also points out that Mike is making great progress and is getting his memory back. Ian offers to deliver Mike's things to him but the nurse says she has to call Mike to come get them.

Gilmore Girls 7.18 Spoilers

This epiosde will air in April, 2007.

Lorelai is talking to a couple with a young child about the festival that is going on outside the Dragonfly Inn. She excuses herself from the conversation to answer her phone and have Michel check them in. Rory is on the phone as she is coming back from Providence on the train from some sort of interview or meeting since she is dressed up and is excited about how things went.

The next day Rory, Logan, Lorelai and Michel arrive at a hay maze on some sort of Dragonfly Inn bus. The family that was checking into the Inn the day before is there and the kid is disspointed by the looks of the maze. Logan saves the day by telling the kid how much he likes mazes and the two take off to explore it.

Then Rory and Lorelai are left alone to talk. It seems like Logan and Lorelai have been spending time together lately and it has gone well. They also comment about how the maze looks like it has been a success and how that would be a credit to Taylor. Their conversation ends when they run into Babette and Morey.

Luke and April are spending some time together as she gives him some sort of bracelet that he doesn't like but loved it because its from her.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 2 Spoilers

So far 1 for 1 on the Survivor spoilers this season. Here's to following it up with episode 2!

There will only be one challenge this episode as it is reward/immunity, this one consisting of a multi stage obstacle course in boats. The reward is use of a flint and rice, critical for the "have not" Ravu tribe. However it is the "haves" Moto tribe that wins immunity. Moto decides to send Earl from Ravu to exile island where he encounters a snake and chops it with his machette. Staying consistent with my first 7 boot spoiler from last week, all signs point to Erica getting the heave ho this weke.

Monday, February 12, 2007

2007 Nextel Cup Odds

As we get ready for Daytona 500 to kick off the 2007 season of the NASCAR Nextel Cup season on sunday, here are the current odds for winner of the Nextel Cup. My picks last year were not too bad as Jimmy Johnson took the crown. who will it be this year? I'd love to hear your thoughts. These odds are courtesy of

9-2 Tony Stewart
5-1 Jimmy Johnson
7-1 Matt Kenseth
8-1 Jeff Gordon
9-1 Dale Earnhardt Jr.
12-1 Kevin Harvick
12-1 Kasey Khane
15-1 Greg Biffle
15-1 Denny Hamlin
17-1 Carl Edwards
22-1 Jeff Burton
25-1 Kyle Busch
30-1 Kurt Busch
33-1 Casey Mears
35-1 Ryan Newman
40-1 The Field (any other driver)
50-1 Clint Bowyer
50-1 Juan Pablo Montoya
70-1 Jamie McMurray
70-1 Martin Truex Jr.
70-1 Scott Riggs
75-1 Dale Jarrett
75-1 Elliot Sadler
85-1 Brian Vickers
90-1 Bobby Labonte
100-1 Reed Sorensen

My take on these odds: clearly the field has separated this year with fewer drivers as favorties. Hard to argue against the old standard trio of Gordon, Johnson and Stewart. Its probably better tan 2-1 odds that one of these 3 are going to win it. I'd love to see Kahne, Dale Jr. and Harvick win but I'm afraid its more wishful thinking than anything. Echoing the same thing I said last year about Kurt Busch, who is a past champion, is definitely a great underdog bet at 30-1. His younger brother Kyle is a great bet as well at 25-1. My money might be on Ryan Newman at 35-1 to finally do something this year. Again, don't take the field on this one. We are talking about a championship, not just a single race. It is virtually impossible to beat out all these talented veterans to win the entire cup.

Get ready to start those engines....

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rescue Me 4.03 Spoilers

This episode will air June, 2007.

Shelia is talking to a guy named Troy at a skating rink, apparently they are on a date. Troy is being very sweet to Shelia but asks her about her lawyer and if she thinks Tommy is going to be arrested. Shelia says she doesn't know yet but its all so complicated. Troy says that around the station that Tommy is known as a good guy. Troy then mentions that Shelia is still has feeling for Tommy, he can tell. Shelia doesn't disagree but says its not a healthy love. Troy then gives Shelia a smooch.

Tommy and the rest of the crew bust in on Colleen and some half dressed dude named Tony in a small apartment in the East Village. Tommy is very obviously pissed and orders Colleen, who is in the bed, to get her stuff and come with him. Colleen refuses to get up and Tommy says he doesn't care if he has to carry her outside naked. Tony tries to make peace as Sean helps give Colleen her clothes. Tommy isn't up to talking but Tony persists by puting his hand on Tommy. This of course does not go over well with Tommy, he tells Tony to back off and he doesn't. Tommy then punches Tony in the gut while Colleen screams.

Outside, a rival engine drives up and one of the guys named Jimmy asks a guy named Needles why their fire truck is there. Needles says that they are just there for a family matter and not to get to upset about it. Jimmy says that is their area and they shouldn't be going to a call outside their territory. Needles assures him they will be gone soon as Tommy emerges from the building with Colleen in tow.

Updated 2.12.07:

Jerry gets his heath test results from Stu at headquarters. Stu tells him that while Jerry is very heathy at the time his heart had been permenantly damaged and he can't go back on the job. Jerry gets very upset about this news and begs to come back, he'll do anything. Stu tells him its time to quit and life after working at the station isn't horrible. Stu even offers Jerry a desk job but one that he could skate by very easily on. Basically good money for doing nothing. Jerry balks at this offer at first but then stops to think about it.

Mike is at the hospital talking to his mother as she wakes up. His mother asks Mike a favor and he agrees. She wants Mike to kill her. (Not sure what tone this one is in, she could be mildly kidding or completely serious).