Thursday, May 10, 2007

One Tree Hill End of Season Spoilers

May 16, 2007
4.18 Nathan will continue to deal with his decision to take Dante's deal as the entire town finds out about it. Chase and Brooke get back together and remain strong the entire rest of the season. Peyton confronts psycho Derek in jail ending her fear once and for all. Dan tries to talk to Abby before Lucas does. There is also more revealed about Lucas' novel.

May 23, 2007
4.19 Mouth will be revealed as the one stalking Dan. Mouth also has everyone sign Jimmy Edwards' yearbook and then they give it to Jimmy's mom. Principal Turner will try to use Nathan's scandal to prevent Haley from being valedictorian but Nathan talks the principal into letting her still have the honors. Nathan will lose his scholarship to Duke and Whitey talks to him about it. Brook confronts Gigi for putting somethings in the yearbook that she would have rather kept private. Lucas will tell Karen the truth about Keith's murder and Dan will be in jail again.

May 30, 2007
4.20: We will see the gang graduate from Tree Hill High but Karen will not be at the graduation. There will be some complication to her pregnancy that she will have to deal with. Haley is the valedictorian but her water will break during her speech. Haley will not deliver the baby until the next episode.

June 6, 2007 (or June 13 as some have reported)
4.21 Haley and Nathan have the baby and will name their baby boy James Lucas Scott. Karen also has her baby this episode and delivers her baby girl by C-section. Both babies are perfectly healthy. During the episode there will be a 3 month flash forward to the end of the summer. There will be a lengthy scene with everyone playing at the rivercourt. Rachel will be back by this time and plays on a team with Mouth. Everyone will sign their name on the court.