Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 13 & Finale Spoilers

This is going to be another interesting week on Survivor so be sure to catch this one as it is wheeling and dealing part 2.

This week is the car reward challenge in which the survivors are broken up into teams of 3 and tied together in order to complete a 3 stage challenge involving axe throwing, a rope maze and digging for, of course, puzzle pieces. The teams are Boo, Yau-Man and Stacy on one side and then Earl, Cassandra and Dreamz on the other. Yau-Man eventually wins the car. However he is willing to deal it in return for safety and ends up giving the car to Dreamz. Yau-Man will send himself to exile island in hopes of fining it but Earl is the one who nabs it first. No word yet on where exactly the third idol is located.

The immunity challenge looks like a strategy one where they are all on balance beams over the watter. Supposedly this challenge is won by Boo. The group then decides to secretly vote out Yau-Man but he uses to idol and Stacy goes instead.

Finale Spoilers: Final 5 to being the finale. Boo is out first and Yau-Man goes out second. That leaves Cassandra, Dreamz and earl in the final 3 for the jury vote. It looks like Earl will win with Dreamz coming in second. I wouldn't be shocked to see that reversed.