Friday, February 23, 2007

Survivor 15 Location

I just learned that the location for this fall's 15th installment of Surivor will be in China. The season will be filmed this summer and applications are still being accepted.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Top Model 8: Episode 1 Spoilers

I found some spoilers on the first episode of the 8th cycle of America's Next Top Model. The theme of the photo shoot will be political causes with each of the girls depicting such political issues as abortion, gun control, fur (yes/no), vegan/meat eater, death penalty, and gay marriage. Jael looks likely to win the first challenge and Kathleen looks like the first one to get the boot.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 3 Spoilers

Its still tough times over at camp Ravu where the castaways are still trying to make fire without a flint. Despite this hardship they will somehow find success and start the fire.

Gary is the likely person who will have the medical person visit him on camp Moto. it won't force him out of the game this week but is something to keep in mind for next week.

The reward challenge is some sort of slip and slide task. Tough call on who the winner is but speculation is that its Moto.

The exiled seems to be either a repeat of Sylvia or Earl since the other team hasn't figured out the immunity idol isn't on exile island.

The immunity challenge is the gross foods competition that has been missing for several seasons. Moto will continue their winning ways. Sylvia unsuccessfully looks for the hidden immunity idol and will get the axe at tribal council.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

What About Brian 2.19 Spoilers

This will most likely be the series finale of this show and will air in the spring of 2007.

Deena is set to go out of town to Monterrey to see a sick family member and tells Nicole that Dave didn't want to come, he had other plans. Nicole worries about running the cupcake store by herself but Deena insists that it will be no problem as she doesn't expect much business that day. Just as Deena leaves a customer tells Nicole that the store has been written up in some publication.

Ivy and Jimmy are at the cupcake store helping Nicole out making cupcakes, it seems there is a larger than usual demand as a big crowd gathers at the store. Its also "Ivy Day". Nicole attempts to suggest to the customers to buy less cupcakes but they are not backing down.

Dave and Deena take a train out of town but fall asleep during the trip and find that they have gotten off at the wrong stop, a little further out of town than they expected. They try to flag down the train before it departs but are unsuccessful.

Dave and Deena are getting ready to renew their wedding vows after a naked hot tub in the woods moment that they realize they absolutely want to get back together. A woman named Mona who has her teenage son and a forest ranger guy in tow meet up with Dave and Deena in order to help with the vows. Apparently this is where they were married for the first time. But during the ceremony Dave and Deena have an epiphany and decide that they want to renew their vows in front of all their friends and daughters.

Meanwhile Brian has been left in charge of Larissa and Geneva but loses them while he is at one of Stephanie's movie auditions. Laura saves the day as she finds the girls playing dress up with the costumes. Brian is incredible relieved and suggests they all go have lunch now that everything is OK. Laura says she doesn't feel up to it and tells Brian to spend time with Stephanie since they are such an item now. Brian lets Laura leave.

Brain and Natasha have a conversation about a missing file and blames it on her. Brian also mentions he's offended that Natasha questioned Stephanie's maternal skills. Brian also tries to leave Carrie with Adam and Natasha at her work. Adam takes the baby and says they are going to get some coffee.