Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 3 Spoilers

Its still tough times over at camp Ravu where the castaways are still trying to make fire without a flint. Despite this hardship they will somehow find success and start the fire.

Gary is the likely person who will have the medical person visit him on camp Moto. it won't force him out of the game this week but is something to keep in mind for next week.

The reward challenge is some sort of slip and slide task. Tough call on who the winner is but speculation is that its Moto.

The exiled seems to be either a repeat of Sylvia or Earl since the other team hasn't figured out the immunity idol isn't on exile island.

The immunity challenge is the gross foods competition that has been missing for several seasons. Moto will continue their winning ways. Sylvia unsuccessfully looks for the hidden immunity idol and will get the axe at tribal council.