Saturday, December 09, 2006

One Tree Hill 4.12 Spoilers

Rachel is talking with a guy named Jonathan at lunch on campus. Clearly Jonathan likes Rachel but he's not making the moves on her like she is used to. Rachel wonders what the problem is and Jonathan tells he its because she acts like she's easy. Rachel says thats ok because she likes sex. Jonathan then says that its not the sex Rachel likes, its that she wants to feel loved. Rachel says no, she just really likes sex. Jonathan asks Rachel if they can just talk and Rachel agrees. She asks him about his last girlfriend and Jonathan says that she cheated on him with his best friend.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Survivor 13 Epiosde 13 Spoilers

Its really the family episode this time as each of the remaining contestants has a family member help them in the reward challenge. It looks to be some sort of blind fold game where the family member helps the survivor retrieve something from the ocean. Its pretty obvious that Pavarti and her father win the challenge and get to go on some sort of luxury day trip with waterfalls. Pavarti sends Johnathan packing to exile island. For the immuntiy challenge its another water based obstacle course and it looks like Ozzy wins this one. Speculation is that Pavarti is the one getting the boot tonight but we know it aint anyone from Aitu.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What About Brian 2.14 Spoilers

Adam is in the office working late when a partner named peter Green enters and comments that he is noticing how hard Adam is working and is glad that Adam fired his assistant because she was an idiot. Brian then calls Adam and tells them they need to go out. Adam declines.

Jimmy, Adam, Brian and Dave are all out at a bar without any of the ladies and then we realize the meaning is quite literal when we notice it is a gay bar. A man named Andrew hits on Adam, who declines the invitation. Adam and Jimmy also talk about Adam's vow of celibacy and how its attracting people to Adam like flies. Dave also tells Brian that he is going to stop living at his place.

Later on Adam explains to Jimmy that he hired an ugly kid as his assistant because he didn't want a hot woman or a hot guy who would attract hot women to be near him during this vow of celibacy.

Brian and Bridget are in a meeting with an IRS agent who is informing them that all their commissions and property are being seized because of some trouble Brian's father is in. They both are now out of money and Bridget has no place to live.

Later on Brian is clearing space at his apartment for Bridget to move in when she enters with some apparent good news. It seems that Dave moved out so that Brian and Bridget can be a real couple.

Deena tells Dave that since he can't live at Brian's house that he can move back in with her. Dave doesn't want to confuse the kids but Deena says that he can sleep in the storage room and that the kids need him now anyway.

Dave and Deena are at the hospital as their baby girl Carrie is about to go into surgery to fix some sort of medical problem. The doctor says they won't know if it was successful for a few weeks but that Carrie will be fine. Deena is upset because she does not want to see her baby being hurt and turns to Dave for comfort.

Nicole is trying to go back to work and finds that everything has changed. All the people there are new and very obsessed with the culture of the music business. Nicole gets a call from her nanny updating her on Bella and the guys at the office are not impressed.

What About Brian 2.15 Spoilers

This episode should air in spring 2007.

Brian goes to pick up a girl named Katie from her house whom he is supposedly seeing and encounters what seems to be her roommate named Laura. It is Laura who tells Brian that Katie isn't there, that she is actually on a date with a model. Laura then goes on to explain that Katie and the model were pretty noisy lately and blamed Brian that its his fault for not wanting to be exclusive. Laura says that Brian always goes for the women who treat him bad while he ignores the women who would treat him well. Brian says that those people are usually unattractive and it strikes a nerve with Laura who explains why she always gets ignored. Brian finally gets the hint and tells Laura he thinks she is pretty. Brian tries to get close to Laura and she sells Brian not to feel sorry for her. Brian says he is not exclusive with Katie anyway and kisses Laura.

Dave is at work pitching an idea for a game to Natasha who tells him she doesn't understand it. Later on Natasha flirts with Dave.

Jimmy and Adam are at Ivy's bar discussing a new case Adam is going to be working on for a partner named Green. Jimmy warns Adam its going to be a ton of work but he has a chance to really impress Green. Then a woman named Joanne approaches Adam and hits on him. Adam explains that he is not dating and is practicing celibacy. Joanne isn't too excited about this and moves on to Jimmy but then mentions that she recognized him. Joanne explains that a year ago her and Jimmy had a one night stand to which Jimmy has no recollection. Ivy looks on not pleased. Adam then begins laughing and says he set the whole gag up.

Dave goes over to Brian's house and finds a huge party is going on. Then Dave enters Brian's bedroom and finds Brian working on his computer. Dave wonders what is going on! It seems like Brian is not throwing the party, some roommates of his are. Brian also talks on the phone to someone in Phoenix.

Adam is at work starting on the new team and meets one of his young colleagues named Healy. Once Healy is done with the copier Adam notices that he has left one sheet behind and tries to give it back to Healy. But then Adam notices some corrections have been made to the document and asks if this is what the team is about, deceit. Healy threatens Adam that this is a great opportunity and not to blow it.

Dave is still living at Deena's house in his own room. Deena is bored and restless in bed and calls Dave on the phone.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

The OC 4.13 Spoilers

This episode should air in early 2007.

Its the flashback episode for the OC as we go back to the time where the all the kids are 10 years old and the adults were 18 years old.

Summer is talking to Holly with Pancakes on her lap as Holly shows her pictures of when she was 10. Holly tells Summer that she is going to love being married especially when she can shop all day.

Seth has a flashback to when he was was 10 years old and in school. Seth remembers when Luke picks on him and call him names. Summer's flashback is when she read her mermaid poem and when Seth fell in love with her. 10 year old Taylor is there as well.

Kirsten also has flashbacks when she finds pictures of when she was 18. He flashback is when she was still dating Jimmy and there is a friend named Taryn as well. They are all talking about going to USC. Later on Kirsten flashbacks to when she met Sandy at Berkeley. Sandy is handing out activist brochures and tries to get Kirsten to take one. Kirsten warms to Sandy and agrees to get coffee with him.

In present day, Seth and Summer meet a psychic who says Summer will be on the news and that the man who she is with is not her destiny. Later on there is a story on the news about Summer saving Newport's sea otters and Justin Timberlake playing at the Bait Shop.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

New Ryan Star Photos

Here are some great photos from a VH1 red carpet event in LA on Dec 1st. I'm sharing them because I can and Ryan Star is damn sexy. And I should mention that Ryan is currently working on a new ablum. Can't wait! If you like Ryan Star too please leave me a comment! I love to know who all the Ryan fans are out there. And if you are not yet familair with this wonderful artist please check him out at

Veronica Mars Reaches 3.5 million Viewers!

After a few weeks of mild struggles due to local sports preemptions and the resturn of House, Veronica Mars closed out thier fall season with some record breaking ratings numbers. The most noteworthy of the figures to report is that this episode of Veronica Mars shown on November 28th had 3.5 million viewers, which is the second highest number ever for the show. Veroinca Mars also had the hihgest numbers this season in women 18-34 (2.6/7) and women 18-49 (2.0/5).

What does this mean for Veronica Mars? Well we already know that the show will have 20 epiosdes this season but this is a great step in the direction of a fourth season. While that decision won't be made for several months, it is important to note that Veronica Mars delivered great numbers when it counted and that is the final week of sweeps.