Monday, December 04, 2006

The OC 4.13 Spoilers

This episode should air in early 2007.

Its the flashback episode for the OC as we go back to the time where the all the kids are 10 years old and the adults were 18 years old.

Summer is talking to Holly with Pancakes on her lap as Holly shows her pictures of when she was 10. Holly tells Summer that she is going to love being married especially when she can shop all day.

Seth has a flashback to when he was was 10 years old and in school. Seth remembers when Luke picks on him and call him names. Summer's flashback is when she read her mermaid poem and when Seth fell in love with her. 10 year old Taylor is there as well.

Kirsten also has flashbacks when she finds pictures of when she was 18. He flashback is when she was still dating Jimmy and there is a friend named Taryn as well. They are all talking about going to USC. Later on Kirsten flashbacks to when she met Sandy at Berkeley. Sandy is handing out activist brochures and tries to get Kirsten to take one. Kirsten warms to Sandy and agrees to get coffee with him.

In present day, Seth and Summer meet a psychic who says Summer will be on the news and that the man who she is with is not her destiny. Later on there is a story on the news about Summer saving Newport's sea otters and Justin Timberlake playing at the Bait Shop.