Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What About Brian 2.14 Spoilers

Adam is in the office working late when a partner named peter Green enters and comments that he is noticing how hard Adam is working and is glad that Adam fired his assistant because she was an idiot. Brian then calls Adam and tells them they need to go out. Adam declines.

Jimmy, Adam, Brian and Dave are all out at a bar without any of the ladies and then we realize the meaning is quite literal when we notice it is a gay bar. A man named Andrew hits on Adam, who declines the invitation. Adam and Jimmy also talk about Adam's vow of celibacy and how its attracting people to Adam like flies. Dave also tells Brian that he is going to stop living at his place.

Later on Adam explains to Jimmy that he hired an ugly kid as his assistant because he didn't want a hot woman or a hot guy who would attract hot women to be near him during this vow of celibacy.

Brian and Bridget are in a meeting with an IRS agent who is informing them that all their commissions and property are being seized because of some trouble Brian's father is in. They both are now out of money and Bridget has no place to live.

Later on Brian is clearing space at his apartment for Bridget to move in when she enters with some apparent good news. It seems that Dave moved out so that Brian and Bridget can be a real couple.

Deena tells Dave that since he can't live at Brian's house that he can move back in with her. Dave doesn't want to confuse the kids but Deena says that he can sleep in the storage room and that the kids need him now anyway.

Dave and Deena are at the hospital as their baby girl Carrie is about to go into surgery to fix some sort of medical problem. The doctor says they won't know if it was successful for a few weeks but that Carrie will be fine. Deena is upset because she does not want to see her baby being hurt and turns to Dave for comfort.

Nicole is trying to go back to work and finds that everything has changed. All the people there are new and very obsessed with the culture of the music business. Nicole gets a call from her nanny updating her on Bella and the guys at the office are not impressed.