Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What About Brian 2.15 Spoilers

This episode should air in spring 2007.

Brian goes to pick up a girl named Katie from her house whom he is supposedly seeing and encounters what seems to be her roommate named Laura. It is Laura who tells Brian that Katie isn't there, that she is actually on a date with a model. Laura then goes on to explain that Katie and the model were pretty noisy lately and blamed Brian that its his fault for not wanting to be exclusive. Laura says that Brian always goes for the women who treat him bad while he ignores the women who would treat him well. Brian says that those people are usually unattractive and it strikes a nerve with Laura who explains why she always gets ignored. Brian finally gets the hint and tells Laura he thinks she is pretty. Brian tries to get close to Laura and she sells Brian not to feel sorry for her. Brian says he is not exclusive with Katie anyway and kisses Laura.

Dave is at work pitching an idea for a game to Natasha who tells him she doesn't understand it. Later on Natasha flirts with Dave.

Jimmy and Adam are at Ivy's bar discussing a new case Adam is going to be working on for a partner named Green. Jimmy warns Adam its going to be a ton of work but he has a chance to really impress Green. Then a woman named Joanne approaches Adam and hits on him. Adam explains that he is not dating and is practicing celibacy. Joanne isn't too excited about this and moves on to Jimmy but then mentions that she recognized him. Joanne explains that a year ago her and Jimmy had a one night stand to which Jimmy has no recollection. Ivy looks on not pleased. Adam then begins laughing and says he set the whole gag up.

Dave goes over to Brian's house and finds a huge party is going on. Then Dave enters Brian's bedroom and finds Brian working on his computer. Dave wonders what is going on! It seems like Brian is not throwing the party, some roommates of his are. Brian also talks on the phone to someone in Phoenix.

Adam is at work starting on the new team and meets one of his young colleagues named Healy. Once Healy is done with the copier Adam notices that he has left one sheet behind and tries to give it back to Healy. But then Adam notices some corrections have been made to the document and asks if this is what the team is about, deceit. Healy threatens Adam that this is a great opportunity and not to blow it.

Dave is still living at Deena's house in his own room. Deena is bored and restless in bed and calls Dave on the phone.

Updated 12.21.06