Thursday, November 29, 2007

RW/RR Gauntlet 3 Updates

No air date yet for the next Real World/Road Rules Challenge but it is expected to come this spring. This season has been in the can for quite sometime as it was filmed last summer. When that happens its pretty difficult to keep the spoilers at bay. Previously I listed the expected cast for this season and now I can tell you some of the results. Please be warned these are pretty heavy spoilers.

First of all, is it expected that 2 cast members leave. Tyrie from RW Denver will leave around the 4th or 5th episode due to differences with the men in his group. Coral will leave more towards the end of the challenge and it will be due to differences with the females in her group. Tyrie will be replaced with MJ for Philadelphia and Coral's departure will be late enough ot not need a replacement.

The Veterans who will remain standing for the final challenge are Adam, Brad, CT, Eric, Evan, Kenny, Diem, Ev, Paula, and Robin. The surviving Rookies are Frank, Nehemiah, Jillian, Johanna, Rachel, and Tori. It is expected that the Rookies pull an upset over the Vets for the final prize.

In other real world news, casting is underway for Real World 21 and Road Rules 16. Both locations and air dates have yet to be determined. Real World 20 will be in Hollywood.

Survivor 16: All Stars 2

Word is that the next season of Survivor will be the second all stars season. It is currently filming in Palau and will begin airing this spring. Supposedly only cast members from seasons 9-15 were asked to be a part of this season.

Some expected castaways for this season include: Eliza and Ami from Vanuatu, Johnathan, Ozzie and Parvati from Cook Islands, Jon from Pearl Islands, Amanda and James from China, Yao-man from Fiji, Cirie from Exile island.

More info will be updates as it becomes available.

Survivor China: Episode 10 Spoilers

Back to the real show as last week was a recrap episode.

First will be revealed what the last matter of business needs to be attended to before the tribe leaves last episode's tribal council. Its not another vote off, as they are on pace to have a final 3 again.

The reward challenge, it looks like James and Amanda get to go on another road trip award. The immunity challenge will involve throwing stars and Erik or possibly Denise wins that one.

This week at tribal council is supposed to be the climax of what the show has been building up to for weeks. PG and Courtney stage a fight in order for James to feel 100% safe in the vote and therefore does not use one of his hidden immunity idols. The plan works and everyone blindsides James, finally voting him out.