Saturday, July 22, 2006

Desperate Housewives 3.03 Spoilers

This episode should air October 8, 2006.

Gabby is alone at a restaurant and asks for a table for one. The hostess gives Gabby a sympathetic look but Gabby says that she is so beautiful that she will have plenty of company soon enough. The hostess gets annoyed and seats Gabby at a table with 6 chairs. Then Gabby notices a good looking man glancing at her. The man approaches and points at the empty chair beside her. Gabby smiles and nods as the man carries the chair back to his table. Gabby is not pleased.

Bree is in a bad part of town looking for Andrew while passing out flyers. Bree approaches someone who looks like a transexual and a kid but neither of them have seen Andrew. The transexual suggests they look at a soup kitchen and then asks Bree who did her "surgery". Later on we see Andrew homeless on television.

One of the men (perhaps someone named John?) meets a very sexy and naive young woman named Tammy at a hotel. The man is trying to hide the contents of a suitcase and insists they go down to the lobby to exchange it. It seems like there might be a person in the suitcase as there are small noises coming from it that the man is hiding. Tammy finds a ladies watch on their way into the hallway and mistakenly assumes it is a gift for her. The man is horrified at the recent turn of events.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Big Brother 7: Week 3

Thursday's eviction went as expected because Nakomis went home with a large percentage of the vote. Janelle voted to evict Diane for personal reasons and Will did the same just to stir the pot. James beat Danielle in a tiebreaker to win HOH and the "Season 6" reign continues.

On Friday the houseguests had a food competition. This time they paired up to move a bowling ball over a ramp that has holes and a gutter on each side. If the ball falls into the gutter they have to eat slop for the day. Each pair plays for a certain day of the week. The houseguests must have been pretty good at the game because they won the top prize, a catered meal, each day of the week except Wednesday and Friday when they will eat breads and vegetables.

James announced his nominations late on Friday. Will and George were nominated as expected. Surprisingly the goal at this time is to get George out as "Season 6" has made some sort of peace with "Chill Town". It seems they both are in a real agreement to get out floaters first.

On Saturday the Big Brother house got shaken up with an unprecedented Power of Veto competition. Kaysar, Boogie and Jase were the other participants in the POV and it seems the game consisted of a "who wants it more" style of play rather than an actual competitor. Gorge ended up winning the POV because she shaved his head, dyed his skin blue and agreed to eat slop for the next 60 days. Kaysar also got shaved and dyed but in the end George prevailed. There may also be some sort of stipulation that George cannot win the POV again and Kaysar lost the ability to win POV for next week only. James became very upset as his plan to get George out got ruined. The idea is to put up Jase or Boogie and vote him out. For some reason they are all staying away from getting rid of Will since they think they can evict him at any time since Will insists on leaving before sequester.

Big Brother gave the houseguests an extra day to stew over the fact that George won the veto. On Sunday Chill Town tried to convince James to get rid of another floater, particularly Marcellas, and in return Boogie, Will and Jase will become semi allies with the Season 6 alliance. This agreement would be to trget floaters for the next few weeks. James almost convinced himself that this was the way to go but Janelle and Howie finally talked him out of it.

On Monday the power of veto ceremony was held and James nominated Jase to take George's place. This caused a lot of tension in the house but the idea for now is to get Jase out. The house pretty much thinks that Will can be taken any time out before sequester because thats when Will wants to leave the game.

Tuesday's was a pretty light day in terms of strategy since most of the house does not care who goes home. However, Danielle has been leading the charge to keep Jase and get Will out of the house. James and Kaysar are on board with this plan so it will be interesting to see how it all works out. By the time Wednesday's vote comes up its actually Jase who is going. The house pretty much decided he was a bigger threat.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

List of Fall 2006 Premiere Dates

Now it is that time of year when networks start getting ready for the fall season and they know we are too. Here is the list I have so far of the announced premiere dates. All major networks have been accounted for. Please let me know if I am missing a show. I'll try to add as many cable premieres as possible coming soon.

August 21 (Monday): Prison Break, Vanished
August 30 (Wednesday): Bones, Justice

September 5 (Tuesday): House, Nip/Tuck, Standoff
September 8 (Friday): 20/20, Nanny 911
September 9 (Saturday): America's Most Wanted, Cops
September 10 (Sunday): Amer. Dad, Fam. Guy, Simpsons, War at Home
September 12 (Tuesday): Dancing with the Stars, Men in Trees
September 14 (Thursday): Survivor: Cook Islands
September 17 (Sunday): Amazing Race 10
September 18 (Monday): The Class, CSI: Miami, Deal or No Deal,
September 18 (Continued): How I Met Your Mother, Old Christine
September 18 (Continued): Studio 60, Two 1/2 Men, Wife Swap
September 19 (Tuesday): Boston Legal, NCIS, Nip/Tuck, Law & Order:CI
September 19 (Continued): Law & Order:SVU, Smith, The Unit
Septmeber 20 (Wednesday): Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, Jericho
September 20 (Continued): Kidnapped, America's Next Top Model
September 21 (Thursday): CSI, ER, Grey's Anatomy, The Office
September 21 (Continued): My Name is Earl, Six Degrees, Shark
September 22 (Friday): Close to Home, Ghost Whisperer, Law & Order
September 22 (Continued): Numb3rs, Smackdown
September 24 (Sunday): Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives
September 24 (Continued): Cold Case, Ext. Home Makeover, W/O a Trace
September 25 (Monday): 7th Heaven, Heroes, Runaway
September 26 (Tuesday): Gilmore Girls
September 27 (Wednesday): One Tree Hill
September 28 (Thursday): Smallville, Supernatural, Ugly Betty

October 1 (Sunday): Everybody Hates Chris
October 2 (Monday): Bachelor:Rome
October 3 (Tuesday): Friday Night Lights, Veronica Mars
October 4 (Wednesday): Lost, The Nine, Twenty Good Years
October 9 (Monday): What About Brian
October 11 (Wednesday): 30 Rock
October 17 (Tuesday): Knights of Prosperity
October 20 (Friday): Crossing Jordan, Las Vegas
October 25 (Wednesday): Top Chef

November 2 (Thursday): The OC
November 15 (Wednesday): Day Break

Updated 7.21.06 to add NBC, 8.2.06 to add CBS, 8.23.06

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

7th Heaven 11.02 Spoilers

This episode will air October 2, 2006.

Eric takes Sam and David to school and meets Ms. Margo, their teacher. Ms. Margo thinks that Eric is the boys' grandpa and upon further discussion Eric finds out that they boys told Ms. Margo that. Then the teacher begins to flirt with Eric saying he is took handsome to be a grandpa or a preacher and that she might have to start going to their church. Eric is a little uneasy and says he will talk to the boys about what they told her.

Lucy is at the promenade trying to buy tickets to a movie. It seems she has been to the movie theater every day for quite a while and is angry that they have not changed the movie selection. T Bone is behind the counter and hits on Lucy who gets annoyed. T Bone says that what Lucy did on Sunday is all over town but he can look past it and for her not to worry. Lucy grabs her ticket and goes inside.

Martin is at Sandy's apartment and enters unannounced. Sandy is a little annoyed at this and tells Martin he should not do that anymore and does not want him to use the key either.

Annie consoles Kevin and tells him to talk to Lucy. Kevin is worried that Lucy is going to get worse than she already is because she already made a scene at church and blamed their "tragedy" on the family. Annie says that it can only get better from here.

After the movie, Lucy sees T Bone has a pizza in his hand and he asks her to share it with him. Lucy just wants to go home but T Bone offers to be a friend Lucy can talk to and she agrees.

Later on Kevin finds out about T Bone and goes to the promenade to confront him. T Bone says that he is not making a move on Lucy, he just wants to become her friend. Kevin isn't buying this and threatens to have T Bone arrested. T Bone then says that maybe Kevin needs a friend too since he might need time away from the Camdens as well. Kevin notices that T Bone is making some sandwiches and asks to have one, it looks like a truce for now.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Veronica Mars 3.02 Spoilers

This episode will air on October 10, 2006.

Keith is with one of the sheriff deputies and notices there is blood on a painting. The deputy takes the painting as Keith watches intently. Later on Keith is taking a painting from Kendall's house to an auction house and asks that all the proceeds be donated to charity. The auction curator is shocked because they know the painting is worth a very large sum of money. Keith confirms his decision and disappears.

Logan is at the prison doing some sort of school project. Logan is arguing with some other people and a female prisoner about the address of something. It seems as if nobody has slept or eaten in a while.

Veronica is at the police station when an police officer tells Lamb that they have another female victim with her head shaved. Later on we find that Mac and Parker are sharing a dorm room and Parker's head has been shaved. Parker is trying on wigs and her mother is helping. Mac is trying to be as supportive as possible but Parker's mother is very demanding and opinionated. Parker's mother blames this all on Parker as she should have never left home and gone away to college. Parker's mom then tells Parker to change her clothes as she has provided a more appropriate outfit left on the bed.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Veronica Mars 3.01 Spoilers

This episode will air on October 3, 2006.

Veronica is heading to class when she walks passed two guys who are rating the girls from 1 to 10. One of the girls in front of Veronica gets an 8 and she gives the guys a dirty look. Then a overweight girl named Cathy walks by and thy boys give her a 4. Once Veronica gets to her Intro to Criminology class Veronica meets professor Landry and notices that Cathy is in the same class as her. Cathy then asks the professor about his profiling book.

Veronica, Mac, Wallace and Piz are at a club when they spot Parker having a great time. Veronica suddenly to everyone's surprise gets up on stage and thanks the band. In this scene it seems that Piz has some interest in Veronica but it is not reciprocated.

Later on the four are hanging out when a group of young boys tell Veronica that they saw what happened. One of the boys says he saw a van pull up and saw some men get out. Veronica is not too impressed with this information. But then one of the boys remembers that he saw a girl get out of the van and was wearing a fat suit.

Veronica is investigating some sort of case dealing with the Hearts Welcome Wagon. One of the guys Veronica questions says that he saw someone who was blonde and overweight involved with it.

Mac is upset about something when Dick gets approached by one of the dorm's RA. Dick gets busted for not being a resident of the dorm as he doesn't have a student ID to prove that he attends Hearst. Dick later hits on a girl and instantly asks her to shack up with him since he has been kicked out of the dorms. The girl is not buying Dick's pitch.

We also meet a Cormac Fitzpatrick who appears to be getting released from prison.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Rescue Me 3.11 Spoilers

There has been a lot of attention about this spoiler and although I do not suspect it is a foiler, I want to warn that this could always be the case for end of the season episodes. I also want to point out that at the end of this post contains a major character spoiler so if you wish to avoid it, do not read the last paragraph.

This episode will air August 15, 2006.

The episode begins with the crew on a call at a large apartment building. They think that everything is clear until they realize that one of the back apartments have not been cleared. In that room they find a small man named Warren who is attached to a computer that allows him to breathe and speak. They guys are all amazed that the man can do this but then they realize that its going to be impossible to get Warren out of the apartment because his wheelchair and computer are too heavy to lift but he will die without the machine. Tommy has a bright idea to get the bucket and then gets Warren down with it.

Back at the firehouse the guys get into an argument about which snack foods can be considered healthy such as Mr. Goodbar because it has peanuts. Then Jerry tells them that they have another call to go to but won't explain the situation because he knows the guys are in for a real treat when they get there. When the crew finally arrives at the location they find a large black woman who has speared the fatty part of per upper arm on a metal fence spike. The woman is screaming in pain but is being very abrasive to the guys, she tells them her name is Oprah. Jerry decides that they need to get a large saw to cut out a part of the fence so she can be taken to the hospital. Oprah wants no part of this and screams at the guys not to saw at anything but instead just to get her off of the fence. Just then she faints and all the guys have to rush to hold Oprah up while they saw away at the fence.

Later on Karlene and Jerry are kissing at his place when Jerry puts on the brakes because he needs more time to adjust to this new situation. Karlene is upset at this revelation but seems like she is willing to give it some time.

Tommy arrives at his apartment to see a beautiful woman named Theresa with minimal clothing on. Theresa says that she is waiting for Lou and heads to the bathroom. Tommy goes into Lou's room and wants to know who the lady is but gives him props for nailing her. Tommy gives Lou "thumbs up" and leaves the room but then spots Teresa getting dressed in her nun's uniform. Later on Tommy confronts Lou about the fact that he had sex with a nun and how wrong it was. Lou's defense is that he is on an enlightened Buddhist kick and thinks there is nothing to get upset about. Lou adds that Theresa was leaving the order soon anyway and thinks he could get serious with her.

Franco is hanging out with Richard at a restaurant when Richard yells a racial slur and gets the whole place staring at them.

Sean and Maggie are at a church meeting with a priest named Father Dan in hopes that he would marry them. Maggie has church issues and is very nervous about it. Maggie proceeds to annoy Father Dan by not revealing her real name, lighting up a cigarette and talking about drinking. Father Dan is not pleased and tells them to find someone else to marry them because he thinks its a joke. Sean gets upset and he is trying to smooth things over but Maggie won't take it seriously. Later on Maggie gives Sean a bag of avocados to make up for what happened.

Back at the firehouse, Tommy is trying to convince Mike that he is still straight and tells him to call a girl and get back into the swing of things. Mike agrees but is a little unsure.

Sheila is at a Real Estate office and after getting off the phone with Tommy about something she found in Damian's room she buys a very nice piece of beachfront property she has never seen and writes a check right then and there.

Jerry and Karlene are back at his place but something happens and Karlene becomes upset and tells Jerry that is he tells anyone she will lose her job and everything. Just as Karlene is about to leave, something happens to Jerry and he falls to the floor. Jerry calls for help but all Karlene says is that if anyone asks she was not there. Jerry remains on the floor as Karlene speeds away and gets in much worse shape. It appears that Jerry stops breathing.

Johnny and his partner Luis are on some sort of undercover stakeout in a very bad part of town. Johnny and Luis are having a great time laughing and telling jokes when Johnny decides to get out of the car and light a cigarette. Just then a bullet flies into Johhny's chest and then two more follow. Luis tries to help but only gets his leg shot as the gunman runs away. Luis radios for an ambulance and back up but it is too late. As the episode ends, Johnny dies.

Want to know what happens in 3.12?