Saturday, July 29, 2006

Rescue Me 3.12 Spoilers

This episode will air August 22, 2006.

Izzy and Franco find Jerry on the floor in his house. Jerry is non responsive but alive. They call for an ambulance.

Teddy is getting a lesson in hair cutting at the prison barbershop from a man named Latrelle. They make fun of a guy named Brick who has a terrible haircut. Just then a guard approaches Teddy and he gets the news about Johnny. We see Sheila and all the other characters get the news one by one.

Izzy and Franco are at the hospital as the doctor is updating them on Jerry's condition. Jerry had a massive stroke and may have suffered some brain damage which will lead to some paralysis and speech impediments. The doctor urges them to find Jerry's son to sign some papers and make decisions.

Lou is helping Tommy choose a casket for Johnny. The funeral director tries to talk them into the high end model but they settle on the middle of the road option. Lou and Tommy get then get the news about Jerry.

Teddy is having a visit with his wife Ellie when she gets very upset about something and begins crying. Teddy isn't sure what to make of the situation and isn't sure this is what he bargained for. Later on Teddy is beginning to realize he does not have the ideal situation and is sick of being confined.

At the police station Luis is explaining to Tommy and Lou that they caught the guy who shot Johnny. Apparently the guy confessed he was paid to shoot Johnny but the police have not determined by who or why. Luis tells Tommy that he can have a few minutes alone with the guy and do whatever he wants because nobody will be around and there will be no videotape or anything.

Tommy goes into the interrogation room and finds a young black kid. The kid is scared because he knows what's coming to him. Tommy instead asks the kid if he has any brothers. The kid says yes and Tommy says that the kid should know how he feels. That growing up Tommy and Johnny were always paired together because they were close in age and they always fought but he had respect for Johnny until he started sleeping with his wife. The kid speaks up and wants to know when he is getting beat up. Tommy says that he will get taken advantage of enough in prison so there is no need for anything extra. Lou and Luis are listening to all of this and are dumbfounded.

Tommy, Lou and Janet are at the funeral home trying to decide if they want an open or closed casket ceremony. Janet is very upset but she wants comfort in Tommy. Meanwhile Lou excuses himself and goes outside. Lou talks to his nun lady friend about getting a boat and escaping the world because she does not want to experience the backlash of leaving the convent.

Back at the hospital Jerry's son Peter has arrived. Jerry is awake now and he is trying to write on a notepad and having a difficult time. Jerry can also speak but his speech is slow and slurred.

Johnny's funeral is outside and hundreds of people are in attendance. During the ceremony Janet, Tommy and Maggie notice someone in the crowd, they all begin signing to her. That person is Rosemarie, the estranged sister of Tommy who is hearing imparts. After the ceremony, they all the Gavins approach Rosemarie and talk to her in sign language. Sean joins the signing conversation and Maggie is impressed. Maggie explains to Sean that Rosemarie was exiled as a child to a boarding school for the deaf as her parents wanted to shun the child that was different. Maggie and Tommy were the only ones who cared enough to learn sign language and keep in touch with Rosemarie though the years.

Maggie then spots a priest who is leaving the cemetery and has a brilliant idea. Maggie approaches the priest and asks him to marry her and Sean right then and there. At first the priest objects but once $500 is offered he becomes much more agreeable. Maggie then yells for all the departing people to come back and tells Sean to steal some flowers from a casket.

Everyone has returned for the wedding ceremony. Sean is really nervous and stumbles over his words then starts sneezing because of the flowers and throws out his back. Maggie sees this is deteriorating rather fast and tells the priest to speed it up. Maggie and Sean are pronounced man and wife as the crowd celebrates.

Later on at Tommy's place, a reception party is going on strong. Janet is really upset that people can be partying on the day of Johnny's funeral. Tommy tells Janet this is what the Gavins do so just to enjoy what they have. Tommy and Janet share a tender moment as he kisses her on the forehead as Janet goes to dance with Katy. Rosemarie then approaches Tommy and they talk about how Rosemarie is doing. She is really happy and gives Tommy some advice about happiness. Tommy says he appreciates the words but Rosemarie says that she got that same advice from Tommy years ago. Rosemarie leaves Tommy alone to contemplate this.