Sunday, July 30, 2006

Project Runway 3 Spoilers

Project Runway usually keeps a pretty good lid on spoilers until fashion week when it becomes common knowledge who the final 4 are. However, there are a few tidbits to share on the interesting third season of Project Runway.

First, one of the designers is getting kicked off the show for violating the rules. This designer is none other than Keith, our men's wear designer. The reason for the booting is not entirely clear but most of the buzz is surrounding stolen/copies sketches or smuggled fashion books.

Second, there is evidence to suggest that Milan will be back in one way or another. Milan could be the replacement after Keith's departure or he could be chosen by one of the final 3 as a helping hand on their finale collection.

Also, there is word that the Barbie designer Robert will make it to the final 3. Many of you may have heard that one of the models, Jia Santos, was seriously hurt in a bus accident on her way to the final challenge thus possibly identifying her final 3 designer. Unfortunately Jia's current designer is basket hat Vincent who is unlikely to make it that far.