Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rescue Me 3.13 Spoilers

This finale should air August 29, 2006.

Natalie is trying to help Franco with his exam preparation when Franco finds out that Richard memorized the entire exam book. Franco is frustrated that he can't do something a mentally disabled guy can but Natalie just challenges Franco to change that. Later on we see Franco nervously taking the lieutenant's exam.

Probie is hanging out at a bar with an attractive brother and sister duo named Sara and Greg. The pair say that they are living together to save money but then it becomes apparent that they are a little freaky. Sara asks Probie to come back to their place for some fun and he accepts. Sara clarifies that both her and Greg like to get in on the action. The siblings never fool around together but they like to have someone else in the mix. Greg asks Probie if he is bisexual and he says yes. The trio heads out of the bar.

Tommy enters into his apartment and finds Janet there. Tommy is startled and asks how she got there, Janet says with a key. Janet notices something has happened to the kitchen and Tommy says his father burned it down. His father is now living somewhere else and Lou is out with the nun.

Later on Tommy sneaks into Perrolli's office and steals a retirement from from his desk. Chief Percher walks in and Tommy uses an excuse to cover for his behavior. Sean then runs into the room and says he needs Tommy right away and then the two leave. Percher wonders if he is needed as well but gets no answer.

A cab driver is at the firehouse demanding to be paid and does not have any answers to the crew's questions. The crew looks past him and sees Jerry there sitting half dressed. Its apparent that Jerry snuck out of the hospital. The driver says the he saw Jerry about a block away from the hospital and picked him up. Tommy wonders why the driver didn't take him back to the hospital but is glad Jerry is ok. The crew decides to take Jerry back to the hospital but he refuses and gets very upset.

Teresa and Lou meet his cousin Mike at the marina. All three go down to see the Barbi Anne, named after Mike's two ex wives. They try to climb on to the boat and Lou is clearly nervous and inexperienced with boats.

Maggie and Sean in bed and Maggie is horny but she wants to do it at the firehouse. Sean says that she is not allowed to be there and much less can't have sex with her at the firehouse. Maggie gives Sean a visual description of the act and Sean thinks that they can make it work and head down to the firehouse.

Back at the marina, Lou is trying to get down the ramp into the boat. Lou is very scared and can't seem to get the ramp stable enough for him. He gets on all fours and tries to crawl back to the dock. Teresa says a prayer while Mike looks on. Later on it becomes obvious that Lou never made it on the boat.

Tommy has his retirement paper filled out in hand and is trying to turn it in at FDNY headquarters. Tommy runs into an official and quietly asks where to turn the paper in. The official does not understand the secrecy and loudly points Tommy in the right direction.

Franco is explaining to Natalie about the Keela situation and says that while he knows Keela is having a great life he still misses her like crazy. Natalie suggests maybe Franco didn't want her but Franco says he needs to visit Keela. Natalie agrees and then Franco worries he didn't do very well on the test.

Tommy is still in the process of submitting his retirement paperwork when he runs into a guy he knows named Vinnie. They get to talking and Vinnie explains why he is at the headquarters, he got his hand messed up on a call 9 months ago and wasn't going to take the pansy way out and retire. This shakes Tommy up as he turns around and pretends to look for another department.

Franco finally meets Keela at her Park Avenue apartment. Alicia is nowhere in sight but Keela's large bodyguard is. Keela misses her daddy very much and says that mommy is busy but her nanny (the bodyguard) is taking care of her just fine. The bodygaurd warns Franco that he has 10 minutes and not to try anything funny. Franco sits by Keela and tries to apologize but explains that he loves her and wants her back someday. Keela says that Alicia just says to try her best so that's what Franco did too and she still loves him for it. Then the bodyguard says its time to go if they need to catch their flight. Franco wonders where that is to and Keela says its her new school in France. Franco is upset that he is not going to see Keela again but she says that she will try her best and she loves him. Franco says he loves her too as he watches them walk away.