Monday, July 31, 2006

7th Heaven 11.03 Spoilers

This episode should air October 9, 2006.

Ben is at the twins' school and has a run in with Ms. Margo in the parking lot. They flirt but Ms. Margo goes back inside with an envelope just as Ben notices he locked himself out of the van. Ben goes back to the Kinkirk house to get the spare key and sees interrupts Kevin and Lucy when he shouldn't.

At the twins' school Eric is complaining to a very disinterested Principal about the inappropriateness of being hit on by the twins' teacher. The Principal does not believe Eric and doesn't think the school board will as well. The Principal suggests maybe Eric is making all of this up because Annie is out of town and he needs some attention. Eric suggests putting the twins in another class and the Principal laughs at him and tells him to get some rest.

Eric is visiting a patient named Stanley in the hospital who was expecting Lucy instead. Eric offers his assistance instead but Stanley is still upset he did not get to see Lucy. Stanley notices Eric is not doing so well and asks what happened. All Eric says is that he had an incident with the twins' teacher and principal that he is not too proud of and is having a bad day. Stanley points out if Eric has a house, wife and kids who love him and is not addicted to any substances then he cannot have a bad day. Stanley notices Eric's jacket and says its nice, Eric accepts the compliment but then Stanley says he wants the jacket for himself. Eric offers to buy him the same jacket but Stanley wants that particular one. Eric changes the subject and asks how Lucy and him met. Stanley explains that Lucy almost ran him over with her car. Talk goes back to heart conditions and Stanley thinks he has one. Eric can sympathize since he had heart surgery a few years ago. Stanley goes back to the jacket and keeps asking for it. Eric refuses and tells Stanley to focus on getting better. Just then the doctor comes in and comments that Eric does not look well. Eric says he is just tired from camping out with the twins in the backyard but says he was meaning to have a check up. The doctor suggests that Eric have the check up now since he is already at the hospital.

Kevin and Lucy are getting the guest room ready for Ben's visit. Lucy is going to bake a cake for Ben's birthday and wants him to feel as comfortable as possible. Kevin wonders why they are going through so much trouble since Ben is only going to be there for a couple of days. There is also talk about Ben should have knocked when he interrupted them earlier.

Eric is at the doctor's office and is concerned about Stanley. The doctor says that Stanley is a bum and from time to time he makes up an illness to spend some time at the hospital to get free food and a clean bed. The doctor then says that he is not happy with Eric's test results and he should see his own doctor to go over them. Eric wants to know right away what the problem is especially if he needs heart surgery again. As Eric takes a call from Lucy about picking the boys up from school, the doctor implies that surgery is not the issue.