Friday, October 06, 2006

The OC 4.07 Spoilers

This episode should air in January.

Taylor's mother Veronica is introducing her attractive and very young looking assistant Mitchell to Julie and Kirsten. Veronica is not pleased with Mitchell's appearance and suggests pilates and lipo. Mitchell reluctantly agrees.

The OC 4.08 Spoilers

This epiosde should air in January.

Julie and Kirsten meet with a man named Frank who is a friend of Bullit's. Julie tells Kirsten that Frank is involved in looking into thier finances, which are looking quite nicely. After Kisten leaves Frank tells Julie that her "prostitution ring" is not doing as well as she thought. julie becomes upset and asks Frank what she can do so this information does not get out. Frank invites Julie to his room. Once Julie arrives at Frank's room she proclaims that she is not having sex with him to keep his mouth shut. Frank says that was not he had in mind and proceeds to tell Julie what the situation is.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Survivor 13 Episode 4 Spoilers

Not too muhc to spoil on for this episode. Unfortuantely the folks at MBP and CBS are being a bit sneakier this season. I have faith that something will give soon and the spoilers will abound.

Anyhow, it looks like this is the week for a double elimination. finally there will be both an immunity and reward challenge. Candace looks to be in trouble with the elimination vote.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

NHL 2006-2007 Season Begins!

Its a very exciting day for us hockey fans, the day that the new NHL season is finally upon us. Now is as good of a time as any to give the NHL a chance and catch a game or two on TV. I love the thrill, toughness and excitement of this sport. In order to properly kick off the festivities, here is the current Stanley Cup odds and a picture of one of my favorite Avalanche players: goaltender Jose Theodore.

Anaheim Mighty Ducks 10/1
Atlanta Thrashers 30/1
Boston Bruins 30/1
Buffalo Sabres 9/1
Calgary Flames 12/1
Carolina Hurricanes 10/1
Chicago Blackhawks 90/1
Colorado Avalanche 20/1
Columbus Blue Jackets 50/1
Dallas Stars 15/1
Detroit Red Wings 7/1
Edmonton Oilers 30/1
Florida Panthers 30/1
Los Angeles Kings 40/1
Minnesota Wild 20/1
Montreal Canadiens 30/1
Nashville Predators 15/1
New Jersey Devils 11/1
New York Islanders 50/1
New York Rangers 15/1
Ottawa Senators 7/1
Philadelphia Flyers 10/1
Phoenix Coyotes 40/1
Pittsburgh Penguins 75/1
San Jose Sharks 10/1
St. Louis Blues 80/1
Tampa Bay Lightning 25/1
Toronto Maple Leafs 30/1
Vancouver Canucks 20/1
Washington Capitals 90/1

My take on these odds: This season I can see just about any team winning the Stanley Cup so none of these odds really seem out of line to me. I will say I think the Avs are underrated at 20/1. Also Calgary is my pick for the moment s0 12/1 odds are actually not a bad bet. Detroit mught be a bit overrated at 7/1 odds.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Veronica Mars Premieres Tonight!

The day has finally come, the day that season 3 of Veronica Mars begins! All the hoping, worrying and waiting is over and we can finally see a new episode in all its glory. Don't forget to watch Veronica Mars tonight at 9pm eastern on the CW and keep watching new episodes every Tuesday! There will be 9 new episodes in a row all the way through November sweeps that will comprise the first mystery.

Here is the official epiosde description and below is a photo from the episode: "FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE – Veronica (Kristen Bell) is in true form from the moment she and boyfriend Logan (Jason Dohring), along with close friends Wallace (Percy Daggs III) and Mac (Tina Majorino), set foot on the campus of Hearst College. Wallace enlists Veronica’s help when his new roommate, Piz (Chris Lowell), has all his belongings stolen. While working on Piz’s case, Veronica learns that the campus serial rapist has struck again. Meanwhile, Keith (Enrico Colantoni) runs into trouble while transporting a recently released convict across the country to reunite him with Kendall (guest star Charisma Carpenter, “Charmed”). Francis Capra, Ryan Hansen and Julie Gonzalo also star. John Kretchmer directed the episode written by Rob Thomas."

I have seen the premiere (as well as sone of you who took advantage of my link I'm sure) and it really is fantastic. This is the perfect time to get into the show if you never have and have always been curious or just were not convinced. The start of this season requires little background info and is the perfect place to jump in. I want you all watching tonight! Please give this show a chance for me.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Attention NYC Ryan Star Fans

You all lucky enough to live in New York will be interested to know that Ryan Star (yes that one from Rockstar Supernova that I can't get enough of) will be coming home very soon and headlining his own solo show. I'd love to make it out there so if any of you can, go check it out. I promise it will be an amazing show and experience.

RW/RR Updates!

October 12 is the premiere date for the new Real World/Road Rules challenge. This installment will be called the Duel and was filmed in Brazil. The former Road Rules contestants are: Beth, Derrick, Jodi, Kina, Tina. The Real Worlders are: Aneesa, Brad, CT, John, Nehemiah Paula, Robin, Svetlana, Tyler and Wes. Returning Fresh Meat are: Casey, Diem, Eric, Evan and Kenny. Judging by the numbers it appears that the Fresh Meat folks are now considered part of the Road Rules family. Some challenge details include one male and one female winner only and the "Duel" appears to be some sort of gauntlet or inferno. There is also rumor of a huge fight between Beth and Tina. Word on the street is that Tina goes home early in the challenge and it may be due to this fight. Stay tuned!

The 18th season of the Real World that was filmed in my beautiful town Denver will premiere on December 5th. It will feature 3 girls and 4 boys. They will also be participating in some sort of outward bound type job.

The NEXT RW/RR challenge will begin filming in the next couple of weeks in South Africa and will contain some members from the Real World Denver, both Davis and Colie. I'll update more on this after filming gets underway.

MTV is currently casting for the next Real World, season 19 if you can believe it. Rumor has it that MTV is toying with the idea of resurrecting Road Rules and will film it around the same time as the new season of the Real World.

In other news, they are actually thinking of making a show with the infamous Rachel and Veronica called The Real Mean Girls...seriously.

ANTM Season 7 Spoilers

Nothing too earth shattering going on with this "cycle's" Americas next Top Model but a few goodies to share nonetheless.

Word on the street is that Megg is the next to be eliminated and the twins hang around long enough for a "controversial" episode. There is another hospital visit for one of the girls and a possible double elimination. The overseas vacation is in Barcelona this time.