Monday, October 02, 2006

RW/RR Updates!

October 12 is the premiere date for the new Real World/Road Rules challenge. This installment will be called the Duel and was filmed in Brazil. The former Road Rules contestants are: Beth, Derrick, Jodi, Kina, Tina. The Real Worlders are: Aneesa, Brad, CT, John, Nehemiah Paula, Robin, Svetlana, Tyler and Wes. Returning Fresh Meat are: Casey, Diem, Eric, Evan and Kenny. Judging by the numbers it appears that the Fresh Meat folks are now considered part of the Road Rules family. Some challenge details include one male and one female winner only and the "Duel" appears to be some sort of gauntlet or inferno. There is also rumor of a huge fight between Beth and Tina. Word on the street is that Tina goes home early in the challenge and it may be due to this fight. Stay tuned!

The 18th season of the Real World that was filmed in my beautiful town Denver will premiere on December 5th. It will feature 3 girls and 4 boys. They will also be participating in some sort of outward bound type job.

The NEXT RW/RR challenge will begin filming in the next couple of weeks in South Africa and will contain some members from the Real World Denver, both Davis and Colie. I'll update more on this after filming gets underway.

MTV is currently casting for the next Real World, season 19 if you can believe it. Rumor has it that MTV is toying with the idea of resurrecting Road Rules and will film it around the same time as the new season of the Real World.

In other news, they are actually thinking of making a show with the infamous Rachel and Veronica called The Real Mean Girls...seriously.