Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The OC 4.02 Spoilers

This episode will air November 9, 2006.

Taylor is visiting Summer at her dorm room when Summer's roommate Amber comes in and begins to hang some pictures on her side of the wall. Taylor takes a closer look and sees that they are all pictures of guys. Amber says she is not a slut and when Taylor starts to protest Amber says its a test to see how people will react. Taylor says its nice to have decoration unlike Summer who does not have any pictures of of her boyfriend. Amber is confused, she didn't think Summer had a boyfriend. Amber asks Taylor if Che is who she is talking about.

Seth is looking for Ryan at a bar, it appears this bar may be in Las Vegas. Seth walks up to a bunch of drunken sailors and asks about Ryan but they men are so drunk they just want Seth to join them drinking and get tattoos. Seth isn't sure how to get out of the situation. Meanwhile, Ryan is at another bar looking for Trey and has an address on a paper that Julie gave him. Ryan thinks he spots Trey and grabs a metal pipe and tucks it in his sleeve. Ryan then gets sternly asked to leave by a large bartender just as he notices the guy he was looking at is not Trey. Ryan asks on his way out if Trey was there. The bartender says Trey was fired a while ago but has no idea where Trey is now. Seth stumbles into the bar that threw Ryan out moments later very drunk and appearing to have gotten the tattoo. Seth gets asked to leave that bar as well.

Kaitlin and Julie are at Harbor for some charity event. Julie asks Kaitlin to help put but she just is giving excuses to get out helping.