Sunday, July 23, 2006

What About Brian 2.02 Spoilers

This episode should air in October.

Brian is having flashbacks to new years eve party one year when he wanted to tell Marjorie how he feels. There was some incident involving a spilled champagne glass and Brian wanted to replace Marjorie's drink. But the crowd was so thick Brian could not get to her and Marjorie found Adam instead. The flashback continues on later with Adam asking Brian to get some girl named Lucy away from him. Brian tries to protest but Adam gives him $50 to take a cab and get Lucy home.

After this flashback Brian gets upset and tells Marjorie and Adam that they should not get married. Adam responds by punching Brian in the face.

Nicole is confronting Marjorie's seamstress because it seems that the seamstress had misunderstanding and Marjorie's veil was not made. Nicole is very upset and explains that it is the veil that makes someone a bride and not just a girl wearing a white dress. The seamstress is moved and lets Nicole take one of the veils already made in the store to Marjorie.

Brian is upset by all of his flashbacks and realizes he has to do something to tell Marjorie how he really feels. It appears that Brian's car has been wrecked and he has no transportation. Brian is in a panic and asks the neighbor who he does not know named Philip to borrow his car. Philip says no but Brian begins to beg and explains that he has to do something so he can stop being walked all over. Philip hesitates for a second and Brian jumps in the car. Philip yells after him because there are still groceries in the car. As Brian is on the road he gets a flat tire. Brian goes in the trunk to get a jack and finds a bunch of live lobster in the trunk. Brian manages to get the jack out but finds there is no spare tire and takes off on foot.

Marjorie is at the church with Dave and Deena. It appears that Dave is still involved with Suzanne and Deena wants to work on their marriage. Dave feels really guilty and does not know what to do. The wedding coordinator interrupts them and says its time. She closes the door and says to Marjorie that when the door is opened she can walk down the aisle.

Brian runs up to the church and sees the doors are closed. Not knowing if he is too late, Brian opens them and sees Marjorie standing there waiting alone. Brian begins to give Marjorie his speech while she is in disbelief.