Thursday, July 27, 2006

Huge One Tree Hill Spoilers

Episodic spoilers for One Tree Hill can pop up very infrequently but to my surprise I have some goods to share about the fourth season. In the accident, one person will not survive and it looks like Uncle Cooper is the one. Rachel is supposed to have suffered a miscarriage in the accident possibly answering the pregnancy test in the purse question from the finale. Karen is indeed pregnant and will have a baby girl. Chris Keller will return but nothing is known yet about what his role will be. As I mentioned before Peyton will get a new romantic interest named Derek. I also hear that there are rough seas ahead for Brooke and Lucas but Nathan and Haley will have an easier road. Haley's big secret is that she got into Duke. Finally, Mouth is supposed to be the one who wrote "murderer" on Dan's wall because he was a secret witness to the what happened in the school. Sounds like a juicy season already!