Saturday, July 22, 2006

Desperate Housewives 3.03 Spoilers

This episode should air October 8, 2006.

Gabby is alone at a restaurant and asks for a table for one. The hostess gives Gabby a sympathetic look but Gabby says that she is so beautiful that she will have plenty of company soon enough. The hostess gets annoyed and seats Gabby at a table with 6 chairs. Then Gabby notices a good looking man glancing at her. The man approaches and points at the empty chair beside her. Gabby smiles and nods as the man carries the chair back to his table. Gabby is not pleased.

Bree is in a bad part of town looking for Andrew while passing out flyers. Bree approaches someone who looks like a transexual and a kid but neither of them have seen Andrew. The transexual suggests they look at a soup kitchen and then asks Bree who did her "surgery". Later on we see Andrew homeless on television.

One of the men (perhaps someone named John?) meets a very sexy and naive young woman named Tammy at a hotel. The man is trying to hide the contents of a suitcase and insists they go down to the lobby to exchange it. It seems like there might be a person in the suitcase as there are small noises coming from it that the man is hiding. Tammy finds a ladies watch on their way into the hallway and mistakenly assumes it is a gift for her. The man is horrified at the recent turn of events.