Wednesday, July 19, 2006

7th Heaven 11.02 Spoilers

This episode will air October 2, 2006.

Eric takes Sam and David to school and meets Ms. Margo, their teacher. Ms. Margo thinks that Eric is the boys' grandpa and upon further discussion Eric finds out that they boys told Ms. Margo that. Then the teacher begins to flirt with Eric saying he is took handsome to be a grandpa or a preacher and that she might have to start going to their church. Eric is a little uneasy and says he will talk to the boys about what they told her.

Lucy is at the promenade trying to buy tickets to a movie. It seems she has been to the movie theater every day for quite a while and is angry that they have not changed the movie selection. T Bone is behind the counter and hits on Lucy who gets annoyed. T Bone says that what Lucy did on Sunday is all over town but he can look past it and for her not to worry. Lucy grabs her ticket and goes inside.

Martin is at Sandy's apartment and enters unannounced. Sandy is a little annoyed at this and tells Martin he should not do that anymore and does not want him to use the key either.

Annie consoles Kevin and tells him to talk to Lucy. Kevin is worried that Lucy is going to get worse than she already is because she already made a scene at church and blamed their "tragedy" on the family. Annie says that it can only get better from here.

After the movie, Lucy sees T Bone has a pizza in his hand and he asks her to share it with him. Lucy just wants to go home but T Bone offers to be a friend Lucy can talk to and she agrees.

Later on Kevin finds out about T Bone and goes to the promenade to confront him. T Bone says that he is not making a move on Lucy, he just wants to become her friend. Kevin isn't buying this and threatens to have T Bone arrested. T Bone then says that maybe Kevin needs a friend too since he might need time away from the Camdens as well. Kevin notices that T Bone is making some sandwiches and asks to have one, it looks like a truce for now.