Friday, July 21, 2006

Big Brother 7: Week 3

Thursday's eviction went as expected because Nakomis went home with a large percentage of the vote. Janelle voted to evict Diane for personal reasons and Will did the same just to stir the pot. James beat Danielle in a tiebreaker to win HOH and the "Season 6" reign continues.

On Friday the houseguests had a food competition. This time they paired up to move a bowling ball over a ramp that has holes and a gutter on each side. If the ball falls into the gutter they have to eat slop for the day. Each pair plays for a certain day of the week. The houseguests must have been pretty good at the game because they won the top prize, a catered meal, each day of the week except Wednesday and Friday when they will eat breads and vegetables.

James announced his nominations late on Friday. Will and George were nominated as expected. Surprisingly the goal at this time is to get George out as "Season 6" has made some sort of peace with "Chill Town". It seems they both are in a real agreement to get out floaters first.

On Saturday the Big Brother house got shaken up with an unprecedented Power of Veto competition. Kaysar, Boogie and Jase were the other participants in the POV and it seems the game consisted of a "who wants it more" style of play rather than an actual competitor. Gorge ended up winning the POV because she shaved his head, dyed his skin blue and agreed to eat slop for the next 60 days. Kaysar also got shaved and dyed but in the end George prevailed. There may also be some sort of stipulation that George cannot win the POV again and Kaysar lost the ability to win POV for next week only. James became very upset as his plan to get George out got ruined. The idea is to put up Jase or Boogie and vote him out. For some reason they are all staying away from getting rid of Will since they think they can evict him at any time since Will insists on leaving before sequester.

Big Brother gave the houseguests an extra day to stew over the fact that George won the veto. On Sunday Chill Town tried to convince James to get rid of another floater, particularly Marcellas, and in return Boogie, Will and Jase will become semi allies with the Season 6 alliance. This agreement would be to trget floaters for the next few weeks. James almost convinced himself that this was the way to go but Janelle and Howie finally talked him out of it.

On Monday the power of veto ceremony was held and James nominated Jase to take George's place. This caused a lot of tension in the house but the idea for now is to get Jase out. The house pretty much thinks that Will can be taken any time out before sequester because thats when Will wants to leave the game.

Tuesday's was a pretty light day in terms of strategy since most of the house does not care who goes home. However, Danielle has been leading the charge to keep Jase and get Will out of the house. James and Kaysar are on board with this plan so it will be interesting to see how it all works out. By the time Wednesday's vote comes up its actually Jase who is going. The house pretty much decided he was a bigger threat.