Thursday, July 20, 2006

List of Fall 2006 Premiere Dates

Now it is that time of year when networks start getting ready for the fall season and they know we are too. Here is the list I have so far of the announced premiere dates. All major networks have been accounted for. Please let me know if I am missing a show. I'll try to add as many cable premieres as possible coming soon.

August 21 (Monday): Prison Break, Vanished
August 30 (Wednesday): Bones, Justice

September 5 (Tuesday): House, Nip/Tuck, Standoff
September 8 (Friday): 20/20, Nanny 911
September 9 (Saturday): America's Most Wanted, Cops
September 10 (Sunday): Amer. Dad, Fam. Guy, Simpsons, War at Home
September 12 (Tuesday): Dancing with the Stars, Men in Trees
September 14 (Thursday): Survivor: Cook Islands
September 17 (Sunday): Amazing Race 10
September 18 (Monday): The Class, CSI: Miami, Deal or No Deal,
September 18 (Continued): How I Met Your Mother, Old Christine
September 18 (Continued): Studio 60, Two 1/2 Men, Wife Swap
September 19 (Tuesday): Boston Legal, NCIS, Nip/Tuck, Law & Order:CI
September 19 (Continued): Law & Order:SVU, Smith, The Unit
Septmeber 20 (Wednesday): Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, Jericho
September 20 (Continued): Kidnapped, America's Next Top Model
September 21 (Thursday): CSI, ER, Grey's Anatomy, The Office
September 21 (Continued): My Name is Earl, Six Degrees, Shark
September 22 (Friday): Close to Home, Ghost Whisperer, Law & Order
September 22 (Continued): Numb3rs, Smackdown
September 24 (Sunday): Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives
September 24 (Continued): Cold Case, Ext. Home Makeover, W/O a Trace
September 25 (Monday): 7th Heaven, Heroes, Runaway
September 26 (Tuesday): Gilmore Girls
September 27 (Wednesday): One Tree Hill
September 28 (Thursday): Smallville, Supernatural, Ugly Betty

October 1 (Sunday): Everybody Hates Chris
October 2 (Monday): Bachelor:Rome
October 3 (Tuesday): Friday Night Lights, Veronica Mars
October 4 (Wednesday): Lost, The Nine, Twenty Good Years
October 9 (Monday): What About Brian
October 11 (Wednesday): 30 Rock
October 17 (Tuesday): Knights of Prosperity
October 20 (Friday): Crossing Jordan, Las Vegas
October 25 (Wednesday): Top Chef

November 2 (Thursday): The OC
November 15 (Wednesday): Day Break

Updated 7.21.06 to add NBC, 8.2.06 to add CBS, 8.23.06