Thursday, September 20, 2007

Survivor China: Episode 1 Spoilers

Now is the time for spoilers for the new season of Survivor premiering tonight. As you all know this location will be in China. Other new twists this season include the removal of exile island but there still will be individual immunity hidden at each camp. The new twist is supposedly the immunity winning tribe gets to kidnap one person form the losing tribe and give them back before tribal council with a note that the person must share with someone. We'll see how it all plays out tonight and have a better idea how it will work. Also look for a final 3 at tribal council again even though this cast only begins with 16. This might mean a smaller jury of 7 instead of 9.

On to the episodic spoilers. This week expect no reward challenge as most of the time is taken up meeting the cast and they will have a Buddhist ceremony as an introduction. The immunity challenge will be a classic Survivor obstacle course with the tribes holding a dragon head. Look for Fei Long to win (the Red Dragon team). Zahn Hu (the Yellow Tiger team) will most likely vote out Steve, the oldest guy on the show.