Saturday, May 05, 2007

Rescue Me 4.09 Spoilers

This episode should air August, 2007.

The crew arrives on a call and learns that it is dangerously getting out of control. Tommy ignores all warnings and says he knows someone is in there. Lou tels Tommy its too hot to go in there but Tommy goes into the building anyway.

Lou and Mike have a conversation about picking up ladies that they normally don't date while eating at a diner.

Tommy goes looking at an extremely small and crappy apartment. The real estate agent knows nobody could really be interested in a place like this and begins to exit the place. Tommy then declares that he will take the place. The agent is shocked but says she will get right on the paperwork. Tommy hands her an envelope filled with cash and says that there is enough in there to more than cover the expenses for a while and that he's not filling out anything. Later on we see Tommy living there and doing various work outs in the apartment. Even later Tommy exits his new place and confronts a bunch of locals about some loud music. Things are about to turn ugly when they notice Tommy is not one to back down so they instead choose to oblige. Tommy continues on in his new neighborhood and urinates in the street.