Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 12 Spoilers

A little surprise on the boot last week but we'll make up for that this week! The reward challenge is another one recycled for Survivors past and has the contestants chomping into a side of meat and ripping off as many chunks as possible in order to meat some weight goal. The challenge looks to be individual and Yau-Mam is the winner. The reward is a white water rafting trip and it appears that Yau-Man chooses Dreamz, Boo and/or Cassandra. Earl is sent to Exile and has a good chance of finding the third hidden immunity idol with the second clue. Speculation is that this idol will be hidden on exile island, rather than on camp as the first two were. For the immunity challenge, its looks like the reward winner gets to select one person to sit out the challenge entirely as Boo is the one who gets to ride the pine. This challenge will be a multi stage skills course with the top 3 finishers going at it in the last stage. Alex will make it to the final 3 in this challenge but Dreamz gets immunity. There is a good chance Alex gets the heave ho this week.