Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Challenges Keep Coming...

In what feels like deja vu every time I write this, I have information about the upcoming Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Contrary to what I've said before, the next challenge will be the Gauntlet 3, not Fresh Meat 2. Filming had been underway for just about 2 weeks now in what is believed to be near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The teams are split up into Veterans and Rookies again. The supposed cast list and teams are as follows. Updates on challenges and possible winners will be posted as I receive the information.


Beth S. [Real World Los Angeles]
Coral [Real World Back To New York]
Robin [Real World San Diego]
Paula [Real World Key West]
Katie [Road Rules The Quest]
Casey [Fresh Meat]
Diem [Fresh Meat]
Ev [Fresh Meat]
Adam [Real World Paris]
CT [Real World Paris]
Brad [Real World San Diego]
Danny [Real World Austin]
John [Real World Key West]
Eric [Fresh Meat]
Evan [Fresh Meat]
Kenny [Fresh Meat]


Johanna [Real World Austin]
Melinda [Real World Austin
Rachel [Real World Austin]
Janelle [Real World Key West]
Brooke [Real World Denver]
Jillian [Road Rules X-Treme]
Angel [Road Rules Viewers' Revenge]
Tori [Road Rules Viewers' Revenge]
Frank [Real World Las Vegas]
Nehemiah [Real World Austin]
Tyler [Real World Key West]
Zach [Real World Key West]
Alex [Real World Denver]
Tyrie [Real World Denver]
Derek [Road Rules Viewers' Revenge]
Ryan [Fresh Meat]