Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday Night Lights 2.01 and 2.02 Spoilers

All of these spoilers are for episode 1 and 2. I'm not entirely certain what happens in each episode specifically so I won't attempt to guess.

Coach Taylor has taken the job at TMU as we meet a player named Antwone who plays running back for the college. Coach finds out its his job to take Antwone to a NCAA disciplinary hearing because the player got caught accepting gifts. Antwone give Coach attitude and doesn't much care about his predicament. Coach is concerned that he isn't doing much coaching at the moment.

Tami has already given birth to their baby girl. The baby's name is Gracie and she's a week old. It appears that Tami still lives in Dillon. Tami talks to Coach on the phone about how Julie is still with Matt but is flirting with a new Swedish boy and this upsets her because the ladies at the book club informed her of this and not Julie. Then a man named Glen comes to the house looking for some help from Tami. He makes a crack about the state of the house and Tami explains that she's been taking care of a new baby. It seems like Glen is the person who is taking over for Tami in the counselor's office. Tami also tries to talk to Julie about Matt and doesn't get anywhere.

Later on Glen talks to Trya in the counselor's office and reccomends that she start some after school activites. Tyra isn't too excited about this idea nd is even less thrilled when Glen suggests joining a debutant group.

Later on Antwone picks Coach up in his very expensive SUV. On the way to the hearing Coach wants to talk to Antwone about what he is going to say. Antwone doesn't want to get into it but with some prodding says that he's sorry. Coach isn't convinced and Antwone explains that its because he really isn't all that sorry about it. Suddenly Tami calls Coach and tells him she's on the way to work. Coach doesn't understand why but doesn't have the time to talk about it either. Antwone comments that Coach shouldn't be there with him if he's got a baby to take care of.

Buddy Garrity is still kicked out of his house as he tries to have a conversation with Pam. It seems that Buddy is over for visitation and Pam isn't happy he's early.

Still on the way to the hearing, Coach and Antwone have apparently stopped for lunch. Antwone is still giving Coach a hard time for being away from his family. Coach then really starts getting into it with Antwone about how he has no respect for the game.

Tami sees Jason at the school and he asks to talk to her. Jason wants some advice on a recurring dream he has been having. Later on Jason is talking to a doctor about some type of experimental surgery with high risks of complications in hopes to reverse his paralysis. Jason does not hesitate and agrees to pay the 10 grand for the surgery.

Landry is with Tyra in her truck but something happens and Landry angrily leaves the truck. Landry is also no a part of the football team.

Matt, Riggins and Smash are all at practice and new coach MacGregor isn't too pleased with how its going. The start of the season is in 2 weeks and he feels they are not ready. Macgregor names Smash the sole captain of the offense and tells him to lead the team. Matt has a meeting with MacGregor about a speech he wants to give at the pep rally. MacGregor doesn't seem to care one way or the other.

Later on Matt is at home with the new in home nurse for his Grandma named Carlotta. Things are not going well as Carlotta throws away all the junk food in the house as well as any clutter and insists on getting rid of the TV. Grandma is very upset about all this and wants Carlotta gone. Matt pleads to at least keep the TV because Grandma likes it so much. Carlotta says the TV is part of the problem and then asks where she can sleep. Matt can't believe this woman is going to stay with them permanently. Then Carlotta moves to Matt's room and starts complaining about the shape its in. Matt is very embarrassed and is even more anxious to get rid of Carlotta when she finds a picture that Matt drew of Julie. All this gets even worse when Carlotta finds Matt's porno magazines just as Julie arrives. Matt and Julie have a talk on the front porch and it goes ok but it seems like Julie is there to break up with Matt. Julie can tell there is something going on and can't deliver the bad news.

Finally Coach and Antwone arrive at the hearing. It seems not to be going well and Coach actually argues against suspending Antwone for the sole reason that if Antwone is on the team then he can get some guidance before he makes it to the pro level.

Later on Matt arrives back at home and Carlotta can tell Julie broke up with him. Matt doesn't want to talk about it but Carlotta says they can watch TV.

Landry is at home eating dinner with his parents. Its a pretty uncomfortable scene once Landry's mom brings up Trya. Landry doesn't say much and his mom continues on to talk about a rapist that was found dead in the creek. Landry gets very uneasy about this topic. Later on Landry's dad confronts him about the details of the dead rapist and wants to know if Landry had anything to do with it. Landry can't keep it in anymore and confesses that it was an accident.

Coach MacGregor is getting the football team ready for the intrasquad exhibition game. During practice for this game, MacGregor sends one of his assistants up to Buddy Garrity who is watching in the stands and tell him that nobody is allowed to watch practice. At the same time, MacGregor and Riggins have a bit of a verbal altercation. Jason tries to intervene but Riggins storms off and threatens to quit the team. Jason goes after him on MacGregor's orders. Later on Jason talks with MacGregor about easing off of Riggins and going back to a more Eric Taylor style offense. MacGregor wants to hear none of this and tells Jason to start acting like a coach.

Matt and Landry are hanging out at Matt's house when they get a package delivered from UPS. Matt opens it and finds a very expensive tiara that Grandmas has bought. Matt tells her to return it but Grandma refuses.

MacGregor and Buddy butt heads again when at a booster meeting MacGregors convinces the boosters to hold the annual kickoff party somewhere other than Garrity Motors.

Lyla talks to Riggins about religion.

Tami is at the hospital about Gracie not eating enough. The doctors says that Gracie is going to be fine but she needs to eat more regularly and suggests Tami's husband help out with the feeding. This gets Tami upset and a few minutes later Glen shows up to help. Tami explains she had no idea who else to call. Glen says its fine and he doens't mind. Tami then says she regrets insisting on living away from her husband.