Saturday, July 14, 2007

One Tree Hill 5.01 Spoilers

Nathan and Haley's son James is eating dinner with Skills. James is a very precocious kid and Skills has fun teasing him. They seem to get a long really well.

Lucas has a meeting with his editor Lindsey. They flirt a lot together but Lindsey is concerned that Lucas hasn't written anything in two years and the publisher is getting anxious.

Brooke is meeting with a woman named Lydia who is running Clothes over Bros. Apparently Brooke is a famous designer and her company is going public. Lydia is mean to a guy named Nick as she kicks him out of the limo and tells Brooke that her "friend" can't be a model anymore and to fire that friend.

Carrie is Nathan and Haley's new nanny. Carrie is a very good nanny and keeps Haley on schedule. Once Haley leaves Carries puts the moves on Lucas who is fixing James' bike. Carrie wants Lucas to ask her out on a date but he mentions a girlfriend. However, Lucas keeps up with the flirting but doesn't agree to the date yet.

Lucas is the coach for the Tree Hill basketball team when an arrogant player named Quentin comes in to talk to him. Quentin tells Lucas its his team and he'll do what he wants.