Saturday, July 14, 2007

Big Brother 8: WEEK 2

As we learned on Thursday night, Jen is the new HOH this week. On Friday she nominated Dick and Daniele for eviction with the idea that if either of them come off the block that Joe will go up. I'm not sure who Jen is targeting of the two but I get the impression she's be happy with either leaving the house so there might not be a target per se.

The food competition was held on Friday as well. Six people ended up on slop including Amber, Daniele, Jameka, Jessica, Kail, and Joe.

Veto competition was held on Saturday with Dick, Daniele, Jen, Joe, Amber and Mike participating. It looks like some prizes were won as well but Daniele wins veto.

On Monday Daniele took herself off the block with the veto and Jen put up Joe in her place. It seems like Dick is the one who will be voted out this week but I'll double check to confirm.