Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 9 Spoilers

Its merge time on Survivor but it wouldn't be Survivor without a twist. The wrench thrown at them here is that while all contestants will live together on one beach, they will continue to participate in challenges in teams. The fun part is that they are forced to draw new teams at random and will go straight from the immunity challenge to tribal council. The even better twist is that everyone has to live at Moto now, without any luxuries.

On to the specifics. Nobody gets exiled or participates in a reward challenge due to the merge. There is only an immunity challenge consisting of rowing boats and puzzle making. The 10 castaways are divided into a team of Boo, Earl, Yao-Man, Casandra and Eguardo while the other team is Michelle, Dreamz, Stacy, Mookie and Alex. The second team loses and Michelle gets booted since she had the unfortunate luck to end up on a team without any allies.