Thursday, March 01, 2007

NBC Spring Finale Dates

Spring is right around the corner now that it is March and we are now officially on the lookout for Spring finale dates. So far I have the ones from NBC. Many more to follow and be updated as needed.

March 9 (Friday): Las Vegas
March 16 (Friday): 1 vs 100
March 25 (Sunday): Grease

April 11 (Wednesday): Friday Night Lights
April 22 (Sunday): Apprentice
April 27 (Friday): Identity

May 6 (Sunday): Deal or No Deal
May 10 (Thursday): 30 Rock, My Name is Earl
May 16 (Wednesday): Crossing Jordan, Medium
May 17 (Thursday): ER, Office, Scrubs
May 18 (Friday): Law & Order
May 21 (Monday): Black Donnellyes, Deal or No Deal, Heroes
May 22 (Tuesday): Dateline, Law & Order SVU, Law & Order CI