Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 11 Spoilers

After last week's whirlwind episode this one will be a lot calmer. a few things do happen to stir the pot such as Mookie and Alex finding Yau-Man has the other hidden immunity idol and trying to blackmail him about it. The reward challenge will be a game of launch and catch with the remaining 8 split into 2 teams. Those team are Stacy, Earl, Dre and Alex on the Green team and Yau-Man, Mookie, Boo and Cassandra on the Orange team. The Green team prevails and wins a trip on a seaplane and undoubtedly some more food. Yau-Man gets sent to exile but more in a move from Earl to get clues to the location of the newly hidden immunity idol. The immunity challenge is a bit of a mystery but could be one of those thinking memory games. Yau-Man is speculated to keep the immunity idol. This will make it pretty easy to boot Alex from the game.

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