Monday, March 19, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 6 Spoilers

This is the big episode that CBS has teased for weeks. I can't believe they thought we were going to fall for all that merge talk. Its really the tribe reshuffle that I've been talking about for weeks.

Early on in the episode the tribes will gather and 2 new "captains" will be selected, Earl and Edgardo. They will each pick a tribe member alternating someone from their old tribe and someone from the other tribe, also the newest selectee getting to make the next selection and so forth. The tribes shake out this way: Earl, Michelle, Yao-Man, Cassandra, Stacy, and Boo. And then Edgardo, Dreams, Alex, James, Mookie, Anthony. Lisi will be the last one chosen and will head to exile island without a team. Earl's team will get to live on the "haves" beach while Edgardo's team goes back to the "have not" life.

Its not looking likely for a reward challenge due to the tribal switch. The immunity challenge is a ropes obstacle course. the "have nots" tribe of Ravu loses again. Anthony is voted out. Also, it appears that Earl and yao-Man do find the hidden immunity idol at their new camp.