Tuesday, August 28, 2007

2007 NFL Regular Season Wins

With the pre season winding down and the NFL kicking off in a little over a week, here are the lines for regular season wins courtesy of pinnacle sports. As always, my comments follow at the end. Please note Atlanta does not have a line at this time, most likely due to the Michael Vick situation.

BAL 9.5 BUF 6.0
CAR 9.0 CHI 10.0
CIN 9.0 CLE 6.0
DAL 9.5 DEN 9.5
DET 6.5 GB 7.5
HOU 6.5 IND 10.5
JAX 9.0 KC 7.5
MIA 7.5 MIN 7.0
NE 11.5 NO 9.5
NYG 8.0 NYJ 8.0
OAK 5.0 PHI 9.5
PIT 8.5 SD 10.5
SEA 9.0 SF 8.0
STL 7.5 TB 7.0
TEN 7.0 WAS 7.5

My take on these odds: Tough year to pick because I think there might be a lot of shake ups in the league this year. First thought though is take the under on New England, thats going to be money in the bank. The bet would still be a winner even if they got 11 wins, which is still a great season. And with the schedule they have the Patriots could easily be 9-7 and still win the division. There is no way that team is winning 12 games. Other under candidates are Chicago at 10, San Diego at 10.5, Miami at 7.5, and Kansas City at 7.5 wins. The best over of the bunch is looking like Minnesota should be better than 7 wins. Other over candidates are St. Louis at 7.5 or even Oakland at 5 wins.