Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Epiosde 10 Spoilers

High drama this week on Survivor as word of Mookie's immunity idol and vote for Stacy circulate camp Bula Bula. All signs point to the ridiculous "team" formed at the last challenge are abolished and everyone is playing as individuals again. The reward challenge is a trivia challenge supposedly about the remaining tribemates. The object of the game is when you get a correct answer you get to take smash a shelf of one other person, we've seen this all many times in Survivor. Its the famous, who's really in control/who's really in an alliance game. Anyway, its appears Alex doesn't win this challenge and possibly gets sent to exile island. It appears that Cassandra wins the reward and selects Dreamz to accompany her on a luxury yacht for the night. For the immunity challenge, its the classic Survivor endurance game. This time they stand on pegs for as long as they can. Yau-Man proves his strength and value again but winning immunity. The drama hits a fever pitch when the Alex/Ed/Mookie alliance hears that Alex is the chosen one to go. In order for Mookie to regain trust from Alex he agrees to give the immunity idol so that they can get someone from the other tribe out. Dreamz finds out about this plan and the other group decides to vote out Edgardo instead. Much hilarity will ensue when Alex presents the idol and they watch Edgardo get voted out.