Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 5 Spoilers

So much has already been revealed about this season's Survivor that my episodic spoilers are probably redundant. But I will continue on for those of you who still enjoy reading them.

First of all, Yao-Man and Earl will work together to find the hidden immunity idol on their camp but are likley not sucessful this episode.

The reward challenge consists of some sort of sumo jousting battle with huge blocking pads on a balance beam over water. The reward contains some luxuries Moto has been enjoying. Moto finally wins the reward and gets to enjoy, among other things, toilet paper. Lisi will get chosen to go to exile island where she will learn about the hidden immunity idol clues. She'll share this information with her alliance.

The immunity challenge is one of those story-memory games where the survivors all run to different stations and answer questions in order to collect items. Rita will likely mess up in the challenge as Moto loses again, and she'll get the boot too.

Some future episode spoilers: There will be a tribe switch next week where most of Ravu goes to Moto, thus becoming the "have nots". The Moto curse will continue as the new Moto tribe will lose supposedly every single immunity challenge until the merge. The Jury will be formed after 7 get the boot and the merge will happen after 9 are gone. Yao-Man and Earl will control one hidden immunity Idol, getting Yao-Man into the final 4 and Earl into the final 3. The trio of Alex, Edgardo and Mookie will control the other idol. Supposedly there is third idol at the merge camp.