Thursday, August 02, 2007

Big Brother 8: WEEK 5

As you all know Nick was evicted on Thursday and then an endurance HOH competition began. After about 2 hours Kail, Jen, Jessica and Daniele were left on their perch. In the end Daniele won HOH. On Friday Daniele nominated Kail and Jen, big surprise. The idea was that Eric could be backdoored and if not Jen could go. On Saturday the POV competition was held with Dustin, Jameka, Zach, Jen, Kail and Daniele participating. It was one of those challenges where you had to agree to things or give up things to get further in the game. Report has it that Jen agreed to give up halfthe prize in order to win the veto. Others had to give up the right to play HOH in following 5 weeks and slop for the entire time they are in the house. A lot of them also agreed to have manure dumped on their heads during the night and wear bunny costumes. In the end Jen won the Veto and used it to take herself off the block and Eric went up in her place.