Saturday, October 06, 2007

Friday Night Lights 2.09 Spoilers

I apologize that these spoilers are few and far between. Its getting more difficult to find spoilers.

Jason is at some restaurant with a date named Isabelle. Then she proceeds to tell Jason that urine turns her on. Jason gets a bit uncomfortable and asks the waitress named Erin to help him out once Isabelle goes to the restroom. Erin refuses at first but then when Jason explains what happened she agrees to hide Jason in the kitchen. Then Erin goes to explain to Isabelle that Jason left and gets a drink dumped on her in the process. Once Isabelle is gone Jason thanks her.

Landry is at the police station ready to give his statement about what happened to the man who tried to hurt Tyra.

Santiago and Coach Taylor are at a football game. Riggins is there too.

Erin gives Jason a ride home from his bad date experience. They are both sharing stories and laughing when Jason suddenly kisses her. This doesn't ruin the mood at all and Jason asks if she wants to continue to hang out and she agrees.