Wednesday, March 28, 2007

List of Summer 2007 Premiere Dates

Now its as good time as any to start listing the premiere dates for this summer. We've got the FOX and NBC dates for now, I'll add to the list and keep updating it once I know more.

May 22 (Tuesday): On the Lot
May 24 (Thursday): So You Think You Can Dance
May 29 (Tuesday): America's Got Talent
May 30 (Wednesday): Rescue Me

June 3 (Sunday): The 4400
June 10 (Sunday): The Loop
June 11 (Monday): The Closer
June 13 (Wednesday): Last Comic Standing
June 18 (Monday): Age of Love
June 25 (Monday): Hell's Kitchen

June TBD: Big Love, Biggest Loser

July TBD: Big Brother, Monk, Psych, Top Chef

September 30 (Sunday): Dexter

September TBD: Nip/Tuck

Updates 4.12.07