Thursday, July 05, 2007

Big Brother 8 Odds to Win

Big Brother 8 has just gotten underway and in a few days we'll know who the nominations are and POV holder is. I'll be back on Monday to update all the happenings but until then here are the opening odds for who is to win Big Brother 8 courtesy of and as always I'll provide my thoughts.

Eric -- 7/1
Jen -- 7/1
Jessica -- 8/1
Daniele -- 17/2
Mike -- 17/2
Carol -- 9/1
Zach -- 9/1
Dustin -- 10/1
Joe -- 10/1
Amber -- 11/1
Nick -- 11/1
Dick -- 12/1
Jameka -- 14/1
Kail -- 15/1

My take on these odds: I'm not so confident that "America's player" is going to go all the way. Eric is bound to make all sorts of erratic decisions and he seems a little on edge as it is. I think Eric will be lucky to make it to the half way point unless he forms a decent alliance. Or CBS might have some stuff up their sleeve to preserve their little "project" for a while. I don't think Danielle will fly under the radar at all so it will be tough for her to win. Conversely I don't think Dick is going to leave as soon as some people perceive. I see a lot of the enemy "couples" actually working together to pull some hi jinks. Obviously Kail won't be first out and she's either going to go super early or maintain a good alliance. The worker bee type usually makes it to the top 6 before they get the axe. I think Jen will be lucky to see August in the house so her odds are extremely optimistic. Jameka may be the underdog if she makes good alliances, she reminds me a little of a Danielle type player. My pick right now for the winner is probably one of those "alpha males". At this point there is little to discern between the 3 of them but my guess is Nick will be the best at playing both side and both males and females. So put my money down on Nick to win at 11-1.