Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rescue Me 4.05 Spoilers

This episode should air June, 2007.

Teddy is checked in to the rehab facility and is in his first group meeting. When it comes to his turn he explain his time in prison and how he got out. After a few minutes the group leader asks exactly what Teddy needs rehab from and he explains its that he needs to adjust to living outside of prison and is enjoying it there.

Teddy then goes on some sort of day trip to get his hair cut. Something has pissed off Teddy while there and he starts making a scene. The barber calls the rehab place to plead for them to come pick up Teddy. This angers Teddy even more as he threatens to drink some hair dye and shave his own ass.

Teddy also has a conversation to a random guy the bar about how wonderful prison is. Teddy doesn't recommend killing anyone but if there is something non violent ever comes up its not a bad deal to go to the big house for a while. Then he talks to a woman at the bar about his prison experiences. The woman is really digging Teddy and he asks her back to his rehab room. The woman follows Teddy back to his place and then explains she would like to teach him about Jesus. Teddy is disappointed since he was expecting a blow job.

Franco and lou are talking to a guy named Bartholomew who is a new probie who it seems like they really want to join. Bartholomew has a few requests to make, including that he wants to be called by his name and not the standard "probie". Also he needs a prayer space since he is Muslim. Lou and Franco agree that they can likely accommodate those needs. But its going to be difficult to land Bartholomew since he had been talking to 6 other engines with good offers on the table.