Friday, April 21, 2006

NHL Playoffs & Odds

Recently I posted the odds to win the Stanley Cup, so I know I'm repeating myself a little. Hockey is one of my favorite sports and the playoffs are set to begin tonight so I thought that the odds (courtesy of and matchups should be revisited! As always, my opinions will follow the odds at the bottom.

Eastern Conference:
#1 Ottawa Senators (3-1)
#2 Carolina Hurricanes (15-2)
#3 New Jersey Devils (8-1)
#4 Buffalo Sabres (9-1)
#5 Philadelphia Flyers (7-1)
#6 New York Rangers (20-1)
#7 Montreal Canadiens (35-1)
#8 Tampa Bay Lightning (25-1)

Western Conference
#1 Detroit Red Wings (5-2)
#2 Dallas Stars (7-1)
#3 Calgary Flames (7-1)
#4 Nashville Predators (33-1)
#5 San Jose Sharks (11-1)
#6 Anaheim Mighty Ducks (25-1)
#7 Colorado Avalanche (33-1)
#8 Edmonton Oilers (35-1)

My take on these odds: Hockey is so fun because a case could be made for any of these teams to win the Stanley Cup. I'm a little disappointed (trend?) in Colorado's low odds. While the odds are on par for the 7th seed team I feel like they should be given a little more respect. Ottawa and Detroit are looking strong but their odds are so high they can't be considered a good bet. Buffalo is too high at 9-1. Calgary and Philadelphia at 7-1 are good bets. I'm also liking New York at 20-1 as a team with potential to go all the way and make some big money those odds.