Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Survivor Panama Episode 10 Spoilers

This week it is Thanksgiving time on the island and we finally get to see the medical emergency that was shown in the previews from recap week. Bruce is the one who will be leaving due to an intestinal medical condition and it appears that this happens very early on in the episode. By the time the castaways get to the reward challenge Bruce will be gone. The reward challenge is the traditional pecking order rope chop challenge but this season's twist is that in order to earn the right to chop someone's rope they must answer a personal question about their tribemates. Terry loses this challenge and gets sent to Exile Island. It appears that Danielle wins the reward and possibly takes Aras with her. The reward is a getaway with a chance to eat and clean up. It also looks like there will be no immunity challenge this week due to Bruce's departure as the we see a whole lot of filler footage of the Casaya members bickering. Lets hope that Bruce has made a full recovery!