Saturday, April 22, 2006

Rescue Me 3.06 Spoilers

This episode will air on July 11, 2006.

Lou, Tommy, Sean and everyone are at a party. It seems that Sean has gotten really wasted and the guys carry him into the bunk room.

Uncle Teddy is still in prison and he has figured out that if he is married to someone it entitles him a conjugal visit every 10 days. To make things even better, the visitor only gets to stay for up to an hour so Teddy thinks that is just enough time to get what he wants without having to listen to her talk. It seems like Teddy and a woman have an agreement and that she likes the arrangement too. A guard tells Teddy that he has a good chance of getting off of death row because a lot of people are protesting because Teddy shot a drunk driver. Teddy think this development might ruin his plans.

There is a fire at an abandoned warehouse. It seems like Lou made a mistake and Tommy had to come back to save Lou and Franco. Lou is pretty upset about it and goes to see Uncle Red, who is a retired firefighter. Red takes Lou downtown to a diner. The cook at the diner is a guy named Georgie. Red explains that many years ago he saved Georgie in a fire and tells Lou that he should not be so hard on himself, that Lou makes a difference in people's lives.

Meanwhile, it appears that Sean is on some sort of rampage. He is going all over town being a menace to society. Sean has a run in at a convenience store where he steals some candy and calls the people in the store fat and ugly. Outside of the store a cop is trying to give Sean a parking ticket and then Sean proceeds to unrinate in front of the cop and then gets in his car and speeds away. (This scene is hirlarious, I can't do it justice). Later on Sean goes to Maggie's apartment and punches a guy out. Meanwhile, the crew is called to the convenience store where Sean had his episode because the clerk recognized his Ladder 62 FDNY shirt. None of the guys can believe that Sean would do these things and plus they left his asleep in the bunk hours ago. Just then, Sean pulls up still on his thing with a white bunny and continues to harass the cop.

Tommy and Angie are at an Italian restaurant. Angie wants Tommy to make out with her so Shirley, who works at the restaurant, can see them. Then Angie sees her ex Fred in the window and Tommy goes outside to confront him. After Fred backs off Angie comes outside to join Tommy and they continue to kiss.

Chris and his boyfriend are still exploring their issues.