Monday, January 15, 2007

Friday Night Lights 1.17 Spoilers

I just discovered the beauty and genius of this show and to my surprise I am able to obtain spoilers for it. I apologize for not being able to have spoilers for a soon to be shown episode but I can offer some spoilage!

This episode should air in spring, 2007.

Jason arrives at some wheelchair sporting event in Austin and is trying to register. The lady at the desk named Suzy asks Jason if that's his first time there and he makes a smart remark. Suzy says that she has to ask the question and Jason lightens up. They continue to make a couple friendly jabs at each other and then Jason meets up with Herc.

Taylor is talking to McGill about something that is missing that costs several thousand dollars and about how they really need to find the item in question. It seems to be a camera.

The next day Jason is at a party and he runs into Suzy. They trade apologies and properly introduce. Its revealed that Suzy's real job is as a tattoo artist. Herc then comes up and mentions that he got a date and needs Jason to tag along. Herc mentions that his date's name is Suzy.

Tim and his father Walt share a couple of drinks in an apparent bonding session. The next day its obvious that a lot of drinking went on as Tim and Walt both have terrible hangovers. Tim goes into the garage to look for something and finds the missing camera in question. Tim confronts Walt about it and Walt says he was planning on returning the camera. Tim proceeds to kick his father out.

The following night Suzy and Jason are at her shop as Jason is selecting his tattoo design. Suzy can't seem to find the right design book and she leans over Jason. They come face to face and are about to kiss when Jason breaks the moment with the declaration that he has a fiancee. Suzy is obviously flustered but recovers by finding the book she was looking for. Jason likes the design and as the previous moment is almost forgotten.