Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Survivor Panama Episode 9 Spoilers

This episode the reward challenge prize is the traditional letters from home. The castaways are split into two teams with Courtney, Terry, Bruce and Sally on one team and Aras, Cirie, Shane and Danielle on the other team. The challenge is some sort of pulley system where one person lays on a plank and retrieves flags. It appears that the Aras team loses and he gets sent to Exile Island as well. The immunity challenge starts off with a bribe, anyone who wants to eat must give up their chance at immunity. Cirie and Bruce take Jeff up on the offer for food. Aras and Terry decide to take part in the competition and may be the only people to do so. Terry wins the immunity challenge again and leaves the Casaya alliance hurting. In the end it is Courtney who gets her torch I mean the other blonde, Sally.