Saturday, April 15, 2006

Big Love News & Spoilers

I have recently discovered Big Love and I am liking this unique quirky show. I noticed that there is a lack of information available on Big Love so I thought I would compile some here for all you fans.

The first season was actually produced last in April through September of 2005 so that is why there is not a wealth of spoilers available. However, I can give you an idea of what to expect in the coming episodes. I heard that season 2 will begin production in August so I hope to have more in depth spoilers to offer this summer.

This just in! HBO has picked up Big Love for a 2nd season and will air sometime in 2007!

Episode 6: Airs 4.16.06: Bill heads back to the compound for the funeral of Frank's first wife Roberta. While there, Bill and Roman negotiate a deal. Bill also finds out that his mother wants to use Roberta's death to increase her status at the compound. Bill takes some time to reflect as well. Meanwhile, Nicki encounter some issues at Home Plus and Barb comes to her aid.

Episode 7: Airs 4.23.06: Bill works on an expensive and controversial advertisement campaign for Home Plus. Barb discovers what Nicki has been hiding as Nicki deals with the aggressive missionaries. Margie continues to spend time with the neighbor Pam and even attends church with her. As for the kids, Sarah has a secret of her own, namely a house guest and Ben goes out of town with some fellow Seminary students. Alby finds he suddenly has a lot of time on his hands. Roman decides on Bill's settlement offer.

Episode 8: Airs 4.30.06: Bill and Roman's deal hits a snag because both parties have pending lawsuits against each other. Bill comes up with a last minute settlement offer. Bill also must deal with evicted visitors at his house from the compound to celebrate Easter but finds out they don't want to leave. Sarah talks to her grandmother about the family's history. Barb and Joey have a confidential discussion. Nicki finds out she is not the only person in debt.

Episode 9: Airs 5.7.06: Bill enjoys his freedom from Roman but discovers he is not rid of the Prophets. Nicki has a confession for Bill. Don is seriously involved with a woman named Betty. Bill talks to Sarah about legal issues. Margie is involved with some sort of vote.

Episode 10: Airs 5.14.06: Barb's disapproving sister Cindy comes for a visit. Bill's issues with Roman is not over. Bill becomes involved with the UEB Priesthood Council. Ben and girlfriend Brynn trade gifts. Margie has housework problems, loses a friend and attends a baptism.

Episode 11: Airs 5.21.06: The Hendricksons are enjoying some success. Bill is invited to be a part of the Salt Lake City Leadership League. Barb is a finalist for Mother of the Year. All 3 wives discuss their wills and discover they have custody issues. Rhonda visits from the compound. Holloway finds out what happens when secrets are kept from Roman.

Episode 12: Airs 6.4.06: No information is available yet. There will be a week hiatus between episode 11 and 12 for the Memorial Day holiday.

Updated 4.20.06