Sunday, April 09, 2006

Big Brother 7: All-Stars! Viewers Choice!

As all the season long shows begin to wind down to their finale dates, it has me thinking about some of the upcoming summer shows. In particular, one of my favorite and most addicting summer shows: Big Brother. Here is the information I have gathered so far about this summer's Big Brother 7. Check back here for updates!

It is widely speculated that the 2006 edition of Big Brother is going to be an All-Star season. CBS picked up the 7th season of Big Brother unusually early last October and rumor has it that this was due to the network approving the idea of an All-Star edition and needing the extra time it would take to cast the past houseguests. It has also been speculated that CBS wants to capitalize on the huge popularity of Kaysar by giving a third chance to win the 500k. Other evidence points to the All-Star edition being likely such as the application link has been removed from the CBS website much earlier than usual and former houseguest Kaysar and Dr. Will hinting that the rumors may be true. What is not clear at this time is who will be cast on said edition of Big Brother other than Kaysar. Also, it is rumored that it may be All-Stars versus "non stars" but this is one of the least popular scenarios.

This rumor is gathering steam as we get closer to summer. I'm hearing that the All-Stars edition cast may be chosen by the audience out of 20 selected by the network. Time think about which past houseguest you want to see back on the show. I'd love to see Kaysar, Amy, Marcellas, Jason, and Janelle. I hope someone from season 1 is included and no past winners are allowed back into the game. Although it might be tough to keep the evil Dr. Will out of the All-Star edition.

We do know that the houseguests will begin their lock in on Monday, July 3rd and the first episode will likely air on Thursday, July 7th. That is less than 3 months away so get ready for some Big Brother!

CBS has now confirmed that Big Brother 7 will indeed be an All-Stars edition. A list of 20 candidates will be available soon and the audience will vote on who they would like to see cast on the show. There is one twist (of course big Brother would have a twist). The twist is that the producers will reserve the right to "veto" some of the audience's decisions and cast some less popular houseguests. Why didn't they just say Eric is going to be in the house even if he receives zero votes? It is obvious who the producers want in that the audience does not like. But I'll save my judgment for later. I'll update when I hear about the top 20 and how you can cast your vote.

Updated 4.12.06, 4.13.06